Learn About Zero Trust – This Time with Zero BS

This week we kick off Ignite, Palo Alto Networks security conference, where I’ll be discussing Zero Trust. Another cybersecurity vendor discussing Zero Trust? What makes this one different? Here is the difference: I’ll take a Zero BS approach. Here’s a little sneak preview of my talk.

Zero Trust is not a switch you turn on and get everything right. It is a strategic approach to cybersecurity that allows an organization to question all sources of implicit trust and deploy controls that eliminate them, continuously validating every stage of a digital interaction.

Why has Zero Trust become top of mind? In the past, security was often driven by a “threat du jour” with a corresponding “vendor du jour.” After years of tapping emergency spending, Zero Trust has finally stepped in to provide a north star for proactive strategy and procurement. With digital transformation picking up speed in the wake of the pandemic, many organizations need that north star as they are already in a position to rebuild their security to tackle a whole new set of threats and threat actors.

In addition, several key trends are fueling interest in Zero Trust:

  • Network transformation and the hybrid workforce: A hybrid workforce is the new reality – businesses must operate with virtual and in-person working models, which require enabling access from anywhere and delivering an optimal user experience.
  • Data center moving to the cloud: As data center applications increasingly move to the cloud, security must keep pace in a consistent way.
  • SecOps transformation: Making SecOps work in a modern setting with complex infrastructure brings a new set of challenges.

By the end of the talk, I hope you’ll embrace our vision of the Zero Trust Enterprise. Delivering the Zero Trust Enterprise means taking Zero Trust principles, making them actionable and effectively rebuilding security to keep pace with digital transformation. By taking a strategic, platform-based approach to Zero Trust, enterprises will enjoy:

  • Better security outcomes by deploying the most rigorous security checks
  • A simplified, consistent security posture that is less expensive to manage

To see more, sign up for Ignite here and click here to learn more about having coffee with me.