Palo Alto Networks Expands Technology Partner Program

Nov 16, 2021
3 minutes

Empowering Partners to Drive Adoption and Integration of Security Solutions

Organizations are now realizing the cyber risk that accompanies the operational efficiencies and benefits of digital transformation. Addressing that risk requires an enterprise-wide cybersecurity strategy that is far more involved than the cybersecurity requirements of the past. From adopting a Zero Trust architecture to identity and access management, data and privacy protection, threat detection and response and securing cloud environments, their cybersecurity needs are mounting to secure today’s enterprise. In an effort to help organizations more comprehensively address their cybersecurity challenges, Palo Alto Networks today announced significant enhancements to its Technology Partner Program that will provide organizations with the breadth of security solutions and services and the confidence in a trusted network of cybersecurity partners.

Our clients look to us to help them navigate the increasingly competitive security solution landscape and should feel confident in choosing an ecosystem of technology partners to help them detect, deter and defend against the next cyber threat. The enhancements to our Technology Partner Program are designed to better equip our technology partners and give customers the confidence in choosing from an ecosystem of security partners committed to seamless integration and comprehensive security solutions to address the cyber threats today and into the future.

Palo Alto Networks Technology Partner Program is one of the largest security systems and ecosystems, featuring 900 current integrations across network and cloud security, as well as security operations. This includes integrations that are available in the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace. The program enables an open ecosystem for seamless interoperability that delivers the security and reliability that customers need.

The new enhancements to the program provide a streamlined support structure and offer new resources and tools to help partners drive the adoption and integration of Palo Alto Networks into customers' environments.

  • Improved Automation: Integration development processes, flexible learning, automated validation and qualification.
  • Programmatic Engagement: Fostering continuous innovation, flexible learning and go-to-market (GTM) support.
  • Partner Portal: Unveiled in August, a new portal with a self-guided approach to manage the partnership, a simplified application process, an intuitive onboarding experience and real time integration status updates.
  • Strategic Tiering: A new four-tiered program structure, consisting of Elite, Premier, Select and Self-Service partners, will enable partners to grow and expand their businesses through Palo Alto Networks.

The most notable enhancement in the program is the tiering structure. Partners are selected and invited to join at the Elite, Premier and Select tiers, benefiting from development resources, GTM resources, certifications, training and technical support. Selection is based upon market research and assessment, whether the technology is complementary to the Palo Alto Networks portfolio of products and a product management board review for final evaluation. The Self-Service tier provides a pathway for emerging security partners to engage with Palo Alto Networks as they continue to grow their business. Partner program success is based on customer success, innovation and growth.

"The Palo Alto Networks Technology Partner Program puts the customer front and center by providing them with an ecosystem of vetted solutions that are integrated with other critical technologies," said Maureen Little, Vice President, Technology Partners, Okta. "We’re pleased with the enhancements to the program. The updates will enable partners to streamline new integrations and make it easier to collaborate.”

Palo Alto Networks is focused on empowering modern enterprises however the business or the threat landscape evolves by equipping our partners and customers with the tools, technologies and services that will keep global communities safe and secure. Through our trusted partner ecosystem, organizations around the globe know that they are well-equipped to face the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

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