Best-in-Class Network Security for AWS Now Easier To Get Worldwide

Our latest firewall is the first to integrate with AWS Firewall Manager, and it’s now available around the globe. In March, we announced Cloud NGFW for AWS, our best-in-class managed firewall service by Palo Alto Networks that’s easily procured in AWS Marketplace, and initially available as a pay-as-you-go service. Now, we are pleased to announce Cloud NGFW for AWS is available in 18 AWS regions, in addition to being available with a one, two or three-year contract – all of which has been designed to provide you with additional purchasing flexibility. What’s more, Palo Alto Networks NextWave partners, who are also AWS Consulting Partners, can now offer their customers Cloud NGFW through the AWS Marketplace. These partners can leverage AWS Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO), giving their customers access to best-in-class security and cloud native ease of use.

Global Availability

Cloud NGFW extends cutting-edge security capabilities to AWS to help stop even the most sophisticated threats. This is designed to make it easier than ever to secure AWS virtual private clouds (VPCs) without adding operational overhead. At the time of launch, Cloud NGFW was available in select markets in North America. Now, Cloud NGFW is available globally, in 18 of 22 AWS commercial regions, with more coming soon to help secure organizations everywhere AWS operates. This means Cloud NGFW now spans the globe from North America to Europe and Asia Pacific zones.

More Procurement Options with SaaS Contracts

Cloud NGFW for AWS launched as a pay-as-you-go listing or SaaS Subscription, with a free trial on the AWS Marketplace. This gives customers the freedom to try the product without obligation, and then have the option to continue securing their AWS deployments on a month-to-month basis with the managed service.

There are even more procurement options today. Cloud NGFW is now also available on the AWS Marketplace as a SaaS Contract. What this means is that customers can opt for the service on one, two or three-year terms. Customers can leverage these contracts for more benefits:

  • Receive a discount off the pay-as-you-go price.
  • Apply the contract purchase towards AWS spend commitments.
  • Gain flexibility for bursts in unpredictable usage by averaging usage over the month and billing for any overages on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Prevent service interruption at the expiration of the contract by automatically reverting to monthly pay-as-you-go.
  • Streamline accounts receivable activities by leveraging AWS Consolidated Billing.

More Options for Channel Partners

With our new updates, Palo Alto Networks channel partners also get more. With the launch of the SaaS Contracts AWS Marketplace listing, Palo Alto Networks NextWave channel partners, who are also AWS Consulting Partners, can now offer their customers Cloud NGFW through the AWS Marketplace by leveraging AWS Consulting Partner Private Offers (CPPO). This provides our channel partners new opportunities for bringing best-in-class network security with cloud native ease of use to their customers around the globe. In addition, customers can maintain their relationship with their consulting partner while drawing down on their AWS Marketplace spend commitments.

Find Out How to Do More

See what Cloud NGFW can do for you in your AWS region; take a look at this list of regional availability. To understand how SaaS contracts may be the right fit for your organization, visit this listing on AWS Marketplace.