Palo Alto Networks and Deutsche Telekom Offer Secure Service Edge

We’re delighted to announce that Palo Alto Networks is partnering with Deutsche Telekom to provide a managed Secure Service Edge (SSE) offering with Palo Alto Networks Prisma® Access. The move to SSE is crucial to an organization’s new security strategy as they cement their shift to hybrid work and cloud-focused network infrastructure.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a key component of any SSE strategy. ZTNA was designed to deliver consistent, high-performance access to specific applications by role or user. Palo Alto Networks and Deutsche Telekom have partnered to deliver ZTNA 2.0, which goes beyond the traditional approach to address the needs of today’s hybrid workforces. ZTNA 2.0 enforces an access control policy that eliminates implicit trust by continuously validating users, devices and applications at every stage of a digital interaction, on-premise or in the cloud, providing Zero Trust with zero exceptions.

The partnership combines our Palo Alto Networks best-in-class technology with Deutsche Telekom’s expertise in deploying and supporting global, secure networking solutions. Deutsche Telekom’s long-standing, consultative-based approach will ensure any solution perfectly matches the specific needs of its customers.

A Better Approach to Secure Today’s Hybrid Workforce

With the emergence and proliferation of the hybrid workforce, the way security is delivered must change. First generation ZTNA solutions provide too much access with too little security, inconsistent and incomplete protections, as well as poor performance and experience.

We are overcoming the shortcomings of legacy approaches and providing a modular and integrated architecture to support digital transformation with rigorous security enforcement. This offering includes improved security benefits:

Superior security with ZTNA 2.0 to protect all users, devices, apps and data:
Ensure least privilege access with fine-grained access controls. Deliver behavior-based, continuous, trust verification and deep, ongoing security inspection to prevent all threats, including zero-day threats. All apps and data are protected, including private apps and SaaS, with a single DLP policy.

Unified security and flexibility to evolve at your own pace:

We understand that organizations are at different stages of security maturity and digital transformation. Some only need simple packaged solutions. Others need granular control and want to mix and match several best-of-breed technologies. Our solution includes comprehensive protections converged into a single unified product with single-pane-of-glass visibility and management, consistent policy and shared data for all users and all apps to dramatically reduce the risk of a data breach. Our customers can get the right solution tailored to their own requirements, including consulting and support to meet specific business needs.

Exceptional user experience to secure today’s digital organizations:

This truly cloud-native architecture is built to provide uncompromised performance, backed by leading SLAs. Our service also pairs with our industry-leading monitoring solution to provide unprecedented visibility into ​home and branch environments, delivering an exceptional user experience.​

Prisma Access offers consolidated best-in-class security in a leading, cloud-native SSE platform that delivers ZTNA 2.0 with the best user experience on a single unified platform. There’s no doubt why Palo Alto Networks is named a leader in ZTNA solutions, according to the Forrester New Wave™: Zero Trust Network Access, Q3 2021.

The Palo Alto Networks and Deutsche Telekom alliance takes customers to the next level of security, providing SSE with ZTNA 2.0, which upholds the principle of least privilege, conducts continuous trust verification and security inspection, as well as protects all data and app types.

Great Partners Deliver Best of Value

Together, Palo Alto Networks and Deutsche Telekom take a holistic approach to secure networking, delivering a true ZTNA 2.0 experience. Customers know exactly what they’re getting through clearly defined advisory engagements. The service delivery platform includes all the necessary components, matching the solution to any business needs.

Helmut Reisinger, CEO for EMEA and LATAM at Palo Alto Networks says, “This alliance brings the power of Palo Alto Networks’ leading ZTNA 2.0 solutions with the global networking and security expertise of Deutsche Telekom. Their flexible approach will enable their customers to personalize their solution, supported by a security team, which can boast the largest SOC in Europe.”

Thomas Fetten, CEO of Telekom Security agrees, saying, “Our clearly defined set of advisory services combined with our broad range of managed service options built around the Palo Alto platform, means we can give organizations both the guidance and the capabilities they need to secure their enterprise. Our joint offerings satisfy the needs of our clients today and provide a clear and visionary roadmap to address the requirements of the future.”

To find out more about this managed Secure Service Edge capability, powered by Prisma Access and ZTNA 2.0 from Palo Alto Networks and Deutsche Telekom, visit our on-demand content from our recent SASE converge event, where we delve further into Prisma Access and ZTNA 2.0.