Accenture Teams with Palo Alto Networks to Bolster Zero Trust Security

Jun 27, 2023
3 minutes

Partnership to Enable Cloud-Delivered Security with High Resilience and Performance with Prisma SASE

We recently announced that Accenture and Palo Alto Networks have partnered to deliver joint secure access service edge (SASE) solutions that enable organizations to improve their cybersecurity posture and accelerate business transformation initiatives.

As enterprises need to keep up with a growing hybrid workforce, SD-WAN deployments and multicloud adoption, the implementation of new technology and services has to be thoughtful. By combining Accenture's expertise with Prisma SASE, customers can leverage new management resources, services and technologies to accelerate their SASE transformation.

Distributed Workforce and Fragmented Security Driving Investment in SASE

Organizations today must enable the flexibility required by the modern workforce without compromising on security and user experience. Traditional security and networking solutions rely on an outdated architecture that backhaul user traffic to data centers. This centralized approach results in higher costs and latency to the end user experience, as well as inconsistent security policies and capabilities.

Many organizations are turning to SASE for a consistent and scalable way to provide secure connectivity everywhere. A recent customer survey conducted by Foundry, on behalf of Palo Alto Networks and Accenture, reveals the three most important benefits of SASE — increased optimized performance, increased IT staff effectiveness and threat prevention, and risk reduction.

Complete Your SASE Transformation with Palo Alto Networks and Accenture

Together, Palo Alto Networks and Accenture deliver a comprehensive managed SASE solution that tackles the challenges organizations face today. By combining the strength of the largest global systems integrator with the industry’s most complete SASE solution, enterprises worldwide can propel their business transformation forward, benefiting from enhanced network performance and consistent security policies and implementation.

At the core of this offering, Prisma SASE brings together cloud-delivered security and next-gen SD-WAN into a unified platform to secure all apps and users irrespective of their location. Prisma SASE consolidates multiple point products, including ZTNA, Cloud SWG, CASB, FWaaS and SD-WAN, making it easy for organizations to reduce the fragmentation of security and networking tools. Additionally, the solution provides uncompromised performance backed by leading SLAs, while the industry’s only SASE-native ADEM helps ensure an exceptional experience for your end users.

The Palo Alto Networks and Accenture partnership enables customers to design and implement Prisma SASE with the benefit of outsourcing management and maintenance to a trusted partner. Through this partnership, enterprises will be able to take advantage of three new services offered by Accenture to accelerate their SASE adoption:

  • SASE Diagnostic and Advisory Services help businesses reimagine their network security architecture and expedite cloud adoption.
  • SASE Implementation Services help organizations unlock digital transformation opportunities and define a smooth path to Zero Trust.
  • SASE-as-a-Managed-Service includes an end-to-end offering with Prisma SASE, Zero Trust network access (ZTNA 2.0) and cloud-managed wide-area networking (WAN).

Together, we offer an easy path for customers to embark on their SASE transformation journey by enabling them to understand their network security landscape. By harnessing industry-leading networking and security capabilities, enterprises can take advantage of solutions that provide the superiority of ZTNA 2.0, simplified operations and an exceptional user experience.

Read our recent press release to gain insights into our strategic partnership with Accenture, and discover more about how Accenture and Palo Alto Networks jointly deliver an AI-powered Prisma SASE.

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