NTT Partners with Palo Alto Networks to Deliver Managed Prisma SASE

Feb 02, 2023
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I'm thrilled to announce that Palo Alto Networks and NTT have expanded their partnership to offer NTT’s Managed Campus Networks with Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), an end-to-end NTT managed service. This new offering is powered by the industry's most complete SASE solution to help organizations achieve the best performance from their SASE transformation.

With the accelerated adoption of cloud and the move to hybrid work as the new workforce reality, organizations are actively looking for solutions to secure their digital infrastructure. SASE, (which integrates the networking functionality of SD-WAN with Zero Trust and other cloud security features) is becoming the architecture of choice for many customers. They’re looking to modernize their network and security while reducing the operational complexity of managing fragmented point solutions.

“Underpinning Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma SASE technology platform with NTT’s expansive technical expertise and resources, established experience in managed services and the innovative digital capabilities of our managed campus service platform will result in substantial customer benefits,” stated Amit Dhingra, EVP Managed Network and Collaboration Services Division at NTT Ltd. “This fully managed, end-to-end service will improve network agility, provide enhanced monitoring and result in faster response times while also delivering all the benefits of SASE in support of today’s cloud IT model and more distributed workforce.”

The move to SASE is imminent, but it can be daunting for many customers. The deep expertise of a managed network service provider like NTT, combined with the Palo Alto Networks comprehensive SASE capabilities, offers customers the management resources, tools and technologies to meet the most difficult networking and security requirements on a global level.

Palo Alto Networks and NTT Join Forces to Bolster Zero Trust Security for the Hybrid Workforce

Organizations must adapt to today’s more flexible workforce without compromising their security and user experience. Legacy networking and security architectures don't cut it for today's workforce. Furthermore, the traditional VPN solutions and legacy Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions have inherent flaws in their architecture. User access can be too broad and lack continuous security inspection. This goes against the principles of Zero Trust.

We believe that today’s customers need a new approach, known as ZTNA 2.0, to operate successfully and securely in a cloud-first environment. Only SASE solutions that incorporate ZTNA 2.0, which features identity-based authentication and granular access-control capabilities, can provide a more complete, holistic approach to Zero Trust.

Palo Alto Networks and NTT have partnered to tackle the challenges customers face today and deliver a comprehensive managed Prisma SASE service: NTT Managed Campus Networks with Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE. The managed offering brings together the industry leading management and monitoring capabilities of NTT Managed Campus Networks, that leverages advanced AIOps and predictive analytics, with Prisma SASE.

This unique end-to-end managed solution secures all users and applications with best-in-class, cloud-delivered security capabilities, coupled with next-generation SD-WAN to enable the cloud-delivered branch.

As a leading managed service provider and global systems integrator, NTT successfully applies technical know-how, business acumen and strategic best practices to support major corporate businesses with technology solutions around the globe. They can assist in managing complex IT environments and streamlining ongoing IT processes to optimize business critical applications and improve operational efficiencies.

The NTT Managed Campus Networks with Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE offers integrated networking, security, management and monitoring components for a complete end-to-end managed Prisma SASE solution for clients. Additionally, NTT provides planning, design, implementation and project management of the overall solution to fully address today’s organizations’ business and technology needs.

This offering provides organizations with multiple benefits:

  • Reduced Complexity and Cost – Manage client deployment and operational complexities while combining security policies and products into a single solution.
  • Best-In-Class, End-to-End Managed SASE Integration Services – Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE powers the best-in-class integrated Secure Service Edge (SSE) and SD-WAN solution with NTT's managed network services capabilities. It combines various point products into a single integrated service, including ZTNA, Cloud SWG, CASB, FWaaS and SD-WAN.
  • Global Presence – A global offering available across all geographies with global service coverage that adheres to the sun service model, providing 24/7 services to meet clients' needs.
  • Simple and Scalable Model – With easy adoption, it’s a consumption-based business model that lets clients start and expand as needed, and a full lifecycle of services with entry points are tailored to individual client journeys and needs.

Complete Your Digital Transformation with NTT Managed Campus with Prisma SASE

Together, Palo Alto Networks and NTT help protect organizations of all sizes while allowing for more streamlined connectivity and productivity in today’s distributed work environment. A managed, end-to-end SASE solution provides organizations with the right path to modernize their business for security, speed, growth and cost savings. According to research conducted by Forrester, adopting Prisma SASE reduces risk, speeds up cloud and digital transformation, and reduces costs overall.

A large enterprise can expect a return on investment of up to 270%. By integrating Palo Alto Networks security technology with NTT's managed services, organizations can accomplish their business goals in an ever-evolving threat landscape, developing a more reliable, adaptable and predictive cybersecurity posture.

Organizations who employ this cloud-based strategy for network and data security lower their risk of data breaches, improve user experience, and set themselves up for future success.

See our press release for more information on the benefits of NTT's Managed Campus Networks with Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE and our solutions brief to learn more about our services offering.

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