How AI-Powered Security Capabilities Implement Real-Time Cybersecurity

Jan 18, 2024
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Security is critical to enterprise digital transformation strategy, enabling sustainable growth, performance and competitive differentiation. It’s clear that AI will continue to shape modern cybersecurity drastically, driving both advantages and risks for businesses. From securing AI, to safely developing with AI, to safely consuming AI, the use of AI is widespread and will only continue to accelerate.

At the same time, malicious activity is pervasive and continues to accelerate with more attacks resulting in greater damage and in a much shorter amount of time. As an example, the Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 team recently found that the average days from compromise to exfiltration was 44 in 2021, 30 in 2022 and 5 days in 2023 with incidents now of data exfiltrated in a mere handful of hours.

Moreover, the use of AI to address these challenges is critical to allow your organization to utilize real-time data and intelligence for timely threat detection and incident response, overcoming data and operational silos (e.g., across network infrastructure, cloud assets, endpoints, industrial OT environments etc.). Real-time cybersecurity is crucial because it enables you to detect and respond to threats as they occur, minimizing the potential impact of cyberattacks.

Palo Alto Networks and Accenture are leaders at the forefront of security technology and operations, using AI to help you stay ahead of the latest cyberthreats. The partnership combines market-leading cybersecurity platforms from Palo Alto Networks and industry-leading cybersecurity capabilities from Accenture to give you the confidence to innovate without compromising security.

Palo Alto Networks Builds with AI

Palo Alto Networks has been incorporating machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) into our security technologies for over 10 years, and innovating with each new technological breakthrough. AI is infused in many of our solutions already, and we will continue to broaden the use of AI, driving AI and ML into the portfolio to help you operate more efficiently through automated processes, with the goal of forecasting not only what is likely to happen, but also why it might happen and what actions to take. Not only will this allow you to improve your security posture, but also reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

AI in Prisma SASE – Protecting All Users and Locations

Using AI-powered innovations, Prisma SASE helps you automate costly and complex IT operations with AI-powered Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM); connect and secure branch offices and the hybrid workforce with next-gen SD-WAN, ZTNA 2.0, and Cloud SWG; and, unlock better ROI through consolidation of point products into a single cloud-delivered service. In short, with Prisma SASE you can build a true Zero Trust SASE approach.

An additional benefit is organizations can leverage AI and ML across your security, networking and user-experience management data, all from the same data lake. With the industry's most complete SASE solution, you can converge best-in-class security, networking and an exceptional user experience without compromise.

AI in Cortex – Delivering the SOC of the Future

To stop threats at scale and accelerate incident remediation, you need an AI-driven security operations platform for the modern SOC, harnessing the power of AI. Cortex Extended Security Intelligence and Automation Management (XSIAM) ingests complete security data across hundreds of supported sources to enable better out-of-the-box AI/ML analytics. And for the first time, you can take advantage of the robust data lake with the ability to create and customize their own ML models with the new bring-your-own machine learning (BYOML) framework to satisfy unique security use cases in your organization, including fraud detection, threat hunting, research, incident management and data visualization.

AI in Prisma Cloud - Protecting Both Hybrid Cloud and Code-to-Cloud

Users can operationalize cloud security management controls and address critical risks by posing straightforward queries with Prisma Cloud AI Copilot. What’s more, you can seamlessly scale security in line with DevOps growth with the help of Prisma Cloud’s AI-driven, human-guided risk analysis. By autonomously detecting intricate attack paths, the platform’s AI capabilities astutely prioritize risks based on their potential impact on the business.

In addition to offering valuable remediation guidance, Prisma Cloud safeguards your AI infrastructure against potential threats. This all-encompassing approach ensures expedited onboarding, adaptable security and discerning risk prioritization throughout the entire Code to CloudTM journey.

Accenture Brings Industry-Leading, Real-Time Cybersecurity and AI Capabilities

Palo Alto Networks has long partnered with Accenture, the world’s largest cybersecurity services provider. Accenture has more than 20,000 skilled security professionals and more than 4,500 clients across 67 countries. They provide comprehensive, industry-tailored cybersecurity services, including cyber strategy, cyber protection, cyber resilience, cyber-physical and managed services.

Accenture leads the way with industry-recognized AI experts and fellows while continuing to add AI and ML talent with domain and large language model (LLM) experts at scale to provide an edge in building disruptive solutions. Accenture harnesses decades of experience and lessons learned from programs across 40 industries to bring pre-built LLMs and generative AI solutions.

This is just the beginning. In 2023, Accenture announced a $3 billion investment over three years in its data and AI practice. The practice helps clients across all industries rapidly and responsibly advance and use AI to achieve greater growth, efficiency and resilience. This investment expands the practice by doubling AI talent to 80,000 people through hiring, acquisitions and training. It offers new industry solutions and pre-built models to help companies move from interest to action to value, and in a responsible way with clear business cases.

To guide AI strategy, use cases, rigorous business cases, decision-making and responsible AI policies, Accenture is also launching the AI Navigator for Enterprise platform. Additionally, the Center for Advanced AI will help maximize the value of generative and other AI.

Accenture continues to deepen its partnership with Palo Alto Networks, ensuring that teams are ready to leverage and develop AI tools to stay ahead of attackers with AI-driven real-time cybersecurity solutions.

For example, Accenture implements AI across its security operations center (SOC) solutions that leverage Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSIAM to pinpoint significant security events. AI helps establish a baseline of normal operations, enabling analysts to detect potential anomalies and take immediate action.

Palo Alto Networks and Accenture: Partners in Real-Time Cybersecurity

Palo Alto Networks and Accenture help your organization implement AI-driven real-time cybersecurity with the right capabilities, people and processes. With Palo Alto Networks and Accenture, you benefit from real-time intelligence and responses that keep pace with the business. We enable secure technology modernization, helping you transform with purpose and strengthen your digital core for the future.

To learn more about Accenture cybersecurity solutions powered by Palo Alto Networks visit our website.

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