Accelerate Your Cybersecurity Transformation at Ignite On Tour

Mar 05, 2024
6 minutes

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do cybersecurity threats. And as global organizations in key industries collect, store and process massive volumes of increasingly sensitive and valuable data, cybercriminals become more determined to steal it.

The very tools that companies are adopting to elevate the customer experience, such as AI, ML and IoT devices, are potentially putting those customers at greater risk. The very technologies which businesses are installing to optimize their operations are also creating opportunities for exploitation.

What’s more, the progress in 5G and shift towards cloud and edge computing is connecting advanced ecosystems to traditional IT operations, vastly increasing the digital attack surface. Legacy networks, antiquated architectures and disparate detection and prevention tools are ill-equipped to handle the ever-evolving and increasingly malicious threat of cybercriminal activity.

These challenges add up to a highly complex cybersecurity environment for the modern enterprise. However, with the right approach, the solution can be simpler and more streamlined.

Introducing Ignite On Tour

Cutting-edge insights. Hard-hitting keynotes. Hands-on learning.

Our flagship user conference has been reimagined as a global industry roadshow — a series of in-person cybersecurity conferences bringing over 700 business leaders and technical practitioners together for high-level networking and development opportunities. Ignite on Tour offers one-day only opportunities in various locations to discover the most effective threat protection strategies, dissect how they work, and implement their learnings in your own company.

What to Expect

Insightful Keynotes

Presented by globally-renowned speakers, our keynotes will provide you with a big picture view of the current threat landscape and deep-dives into the application of leading-edge technologies, such as AI and ML.

Image of insightful keynotes at Ignite on Tour.

Powerful Panels

Our panel discussions will feature a diversity of perspectives from across the public and private sectors, localized to address the cybersecurity challenges and opportunities your region faces.

Image of powerful panels at Macau Ignite.

Valuable Breakouts

After hearing the big picture, jump into highly curated breakout sessions with your fellow participants and get granular on the key issues and questions surrounding technology, strategies, implementation and more.

Image of breakout sessions in Taiwan Ignite.

Non-Stop Networking

From networking lunches to one-on-one executive meetings, you’ll have ample opportunities to connect with leaders in the space, as well as with people going through a similar journey as yourself.

The event is structured to create a balance between each of these important aspects, with a keynote in the morning, followed by a networking lunch, and then your choice of three breakout tracks in the afternoon. There will also be a booth space where you can learn about our best-of-breed solutions.

Image of networking at previous Ignite events.

Discover Cybersecurity for the AI Era

The rapid advancement of AI is a game changer for cybersecurity. On the one hand, it exposes companies to a wider range of risks, necessitating a firmer and more comprehensive approach to threat protection. On the other hand, it unlocks new possibilities for enterprises in protecting their assets, making intelligent, automated and round-the-clock threat mitigation a reality.

Across our various keynotes and breakout sessions, AI will be the core theme that ties it all together. Through our speakers, we’ll cover the most mission-critical enterprise-level challenges and benefits of implementing and integrating AI into autonomous cybersecurity systems across multiple industries and applications.

Specific Technologies and Topics

Driving AI Transformation

Learn about the key considerations, strategies and best practices to adopt when integrating AI into your cybersecurity processes. Delve into case studies of organizations that have taken the AI plunge, and understand the reasons behind the success (or failure) of their efforts.

The Challenges of Cloud Security

Cloud applications enhance efficiency and productivity across the organization, but also expand its attack surface. Through purpose-fit sessions, we’ll weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of adopting cloud applications. We’ll also introduce new approaches you can take to maximize threat protection and drive innovation, all at once.

Stepping Up Security with SASE

SASE-based security is tailor-made for the modern cloud environment, unlocking a unified approach to threat protection that offers powerful use cases across industries including healthcare, retail, financial services and manufacturing. Through in-depth breakout sessions, we’ll explore how leading companies have implemented SASE within their operations to achieve world-class results. We’ll also speak about Prisma SASE, our market-leading SASE solution that was recognized as the only leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant™ for Single Vendor SASE.

Securing the DevOps Process

With application development playing an increasingly influential role in businesses, there is an urgent need to integrate security into the development process right from the get-go. At Ignite On Tour, we’ll discuss the complexities and potential of DevOps security, outlining strategies your organization can adopt to strike the ideal balance between development agility and data security.

De-Siloing Security Operations

Many organizations remain hampered by siloed cybersecurity management structures and systems, causing delays, missed events and prolonged dwell times while leading to the fatigue and burnout of their employees. Addressing this issue, we’ll discuss how such organizations can plug the gaps and create a more connected and cohesive security architecture.

The Benefits of Zero Trust

Adopting a Zero Trust architecture reduces your attack surface, mitigates the impact of attacks when they occur, and enables a more granular approach to securing your various cloud and on-site environments. Through dedicated sessions, we’ll explore the benefits of Zero Trust in more detail, outlining its value in minimizing downtime across your organization.

Cybersecurity Consolidation

The more cybersecurity vendors a company has, the greater its risk of gaps in threat protection. At Ignite On Tour, we’ll explain how consolidating your vendor environment promotes a more integrated and coordinated approach to cybersecurity. We will also discuss the role that AI can play in bringing it all together.

Stay Ahead of the Cyber Curve

These topics merely scratch the surface of what’s offered at Ignite On Tour. In addition to sessions around well-known technologies, you can also expect updates from our Unit 42 intelligence team on emerging cybersecurity threats and risks, region-specific discussions around compliance requirements and perspectives on female leadership in AI and cybersecurity. We’ve also developed targeted sessions for the financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and public sector industries, each exploring the specific cybersecurity challenges these sectors face and the strategies that industry players can employ to safeguard their assets.

The threat landscape is changing faster than ever. New threats constantly emerge and a proactive, technology-driven approach to security is essential to stay ahead of today’s cybercriminals.

You’ve heard this all before, but at Ignite On Tour you’ll get the chance to go beyond rhetoric and dive into cutting-edge strategies, solutions and technologies that could make all the difference. Take this opportunity to discover what’s next, and ignite change within your organization.

Attendance is free. The experience is priceless. Register and explore partnership opportunities here.

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