See How Our Cloud-Delivered Security Services Provide 357% ROI

Mar 18, 2024
3 minutes

Investing in Palo Alto Networks Cloud-Delivered Security Services (CDSS) provided a 357% return on investment (ROI) and net present value (NPV) of $10.04 million over 3 years, along with a 6-month payback period, according to a recently released Forrester Consulting study. Read the Total Economic Impact™ of Palo Alto Networks Cloud-Delivered Security Services to learn how your organization can benefit from consistent, best-in-class protection while bypassing the need for point solutions.

Our Cloud-Delivered Security Services (CDSS) are natively integrated, offering consistent, best-in-class protection everywhere. Backed by our world-renowned Unit 42® Threat Research team, this one-of-a-kind protection uses the network effect of 65,000 global customers. It shares intelligence from all threat vectors to stop known, unknown and zero-day threats.

According to Forrester Consulting, Palo Alto Networks Cloud-Delivered Security Solutions paid for themselves.

Graph showing the benefits of CDSS ROI over three years time.

To create the 2023 study commissioned by Palo Alto Networks, Forrester Consulting interviewed representatives of organizations with experience using Cloud-Delivered Security Solutions. Forrester aggregated the interviewees’ experiences and combined the results into a single composite organization that is a distributed enterprise with 50,000 employees and $7 billion in annual revenue.

Understand Why You Need Cloud-Delivered Security

Most large organizations have too many point solutions and services, each designed to secure against one specific threat vector. However, disparate environments, lack of integration, continual policy updates and overtaxed staff are preventing businesses from fully realizing the value or capabilities of the many solutions in their security portfolios.

Prior to deploying Palo Alto Networks for network security needs, the customers who were interviewed leveraged various point solutions to secure their environments. The organizations lacked modern security technology as security and IT teams tried to keep up with evolving business needs.

But, with Palo Alto Networks Cloud-Delivered Security Services, customers can confidently secure all traffic that traverses any of their networks or clouds and automatically share intelligence across the organization.

The key findings in the study show how the composite organization gained more security value and efficacy:

  • 25% to 60% reduced number of security incidents requiring manual investigation.
  • 20% decreased mean time to resolution (MTTR).
  • $1.1 million saved from reduced number of endpoint devices requiring reimaging, reduced security incidents and decreased MTTR.
  • $5.2 million in business value from improved end-user productivity with better system availability and less intrusion to the network.
  • 50% decreased likelihood of a data breach after 3 years.
  • $3.4 million saved by avoiding and rationalizing security infrastructure.
  • $378,000 saved by reallocating roughly 50% full-time security professionals to higher-value initiatives, due to management efficiency from a common platform.

Other Benefits:

  • Improved visibility in the security environment.
  • Better integration with tools and platforms in the security tech stack.
  • Better employee experience.

A healthcare information security architect and CISO said:

“The main value of CDSS is having a better understanding of our assets in the potential deficiencies those assets may have from a security perspective, the vulnerabilities and exposure that we could have, from the biases that govern the network access into the organization.”

Take a look at the Total Economic Impact™ of Palo Alto Networks Cloud-Delivered Security Services. Discover your potential ROI and cost-savings when switching from point solutions to a unified management platform.

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