Unleash Platform Power with Strata Cloud Manager’s Command Center

Apr 08, 2024
3 minutes

Revolutionizing Network Security

Every week, we get the privilege of talking to customers and thought leaders across diverse industries, delving into their cybersecurity challenges. Among these challenges, one issue consistently rises to the forefront: the increasingly complex and fragmented nature of network security.

The proliferation of disparate tools, sensors and management interfaces has created a complex landscape where achieving unified visibility across the entire network security infrastructure and responding quickly with appropriate actions are difficult tasks. It’s a challenge that resonates deeply with both our customers and industry leaders, emphasizing the critical need for a unified approach to network security.

We’ve been driven by Nikesh’s compelling vision of platformization – a core concept at the heart of how we are delivering on our corporate mission to ensure each day is safer than the one before. For years, it has been a focal point of strategic discussion within our organization, aiming to help you experience a seamlessly integrated cybersecurity landscape across your entire network security estate. This is a critical element of helping you fully leverage the potential of our network security platform.

The Industry’s First Command Center to Deliver the Power of the Platform

Today, we are proud to introduce the industry’s first of its kind – Strata Cloud Manager's Command Center. Representing a significant step forward in realizing the power of platformization within your network security infrastructure, Command Center offers a single, interactive web interface. It enables organizations to see and understand assets and threats in real time, while harnessing actionable threat intelligence, empowering your team to achieve exceptional security, and optimize network performance. Command Center provides unprecedented visibility so you can achieve exceptional security and optimized network performance.

  • Gain Visibility Across Your Entire Estate – Gain real-time, unified visibility across NGFW and SASE deployments with contextual insights for all apps, users and devices.
  • Understand Threats and Network Health in Real-Time – Elevate your holistic understanding of security and network health with actionable inline recommendations guiding you toward improvements.
  • Resolve Issues Quickly – Streamline issue resolution within the same interface, utilizing integrated workflows that guide you from problem identification to resolution.

Take a sneak peek at our Strata Cloud Manager Command Center here, where you gain comprehensive visibility for all deployments in a single UI:

Elevate Network Security Management and Operations with Command Center

Organizations can unify their entire Palo Alto Networks network security setup through the Strata Network Security Platform and gain unprecedented visibility with Strata Cloud Manager’s Command Center. Clearly see and understand assets and threats across your entire network security estate, while harnessing actionable threat intelligence, so you can achieve exceptional security and optimized network performance.

To learn more about Strata Cloud Manager and the power of platformization, sign up for AI & Appetizers Webinar and check out our Network Security Management Ultimate Test Drive.

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