Learn how to protect your AWS AI applications at AWS re:Inforce 2024

Jun 03, 2024
3 minutes
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Palo Alto Networks will be showcasing our latest product innovations to defend against the evolving AI threat landscape at AWS re:Inforce 2024.

Attending AWS re:Inforce this year in Philadelphia? Come say hello and learn about the latest AI innovations from Palo Alto Networks. Our experts will be here to show you how AI Runtime Security can help protect your AWS application ecosystem from AI-specific threats that your AI applications, models and data are susceptible to.

Breakout Session

Reinforce AI Security: Protect AI apps, models, and data from build to runtime and beyond

Join Jaimin Patel, Director of Product Management for AI Security for a talk on how the threat landscape is evolving for AI applications and how your new AI application stack and ecosystem is susceptible to all new types of attacks.

Here, you’ll learn how to manage these risks at every step of the AI journey by:

  • Automatically discovering all AI apps, models, users and data.
  • Automating deployment for any app or model.
  • Protecting against AI-specific and foundational attacks across the entire AI application ecosystem.

Product Showcase

Building great AI applications on AWS? Learn how to secure the ecosystem. AI applications introduce a whole new AI stack composed of models, plugins and inference and training datasets with access to sensitive internal data. Each new component exposes new risks for attackers to exploit. Come see how Palo Alto Networks helps secure each layer by protecting:

  • AI applications from risks such as interacting with malicious domains and URLs.
  • AI models from attacks such as direct and indirect prompt injection attacks.
  • AI data from threats like data leakage.

Interested in securing your other workloads? Come get an in-depth look at how Palo Alto Networks enables Zero Trust in your AWS and hybrid cloud environments. Discover how you can secure your environments through:

  • Managed solutions in the AWS marketplace, which can be deployed within minutes with little to no setup.
  • Self-managed firewalls that work on your AWS infrastructure as well as your data centers.

In today's work environment, employees demand the freedom to be productive from anywhere, using any device and accessing any application. Stop by our booth to see how Prisma SASE enables you to:

  • Deliver comprehensive security and a seamless user experience to every endpoint, managed or unmanaged, in minutes with Prisma Access Browser.
  • Enable comprehensive visibility, security and control of sensitive digital assets that leverages Zero Trust to block advanced threats with AI-powered Data Security.
  • Take advantage of a 5X boost in app performance and ensure maximum productivity and security for workers everywhere with Prisma SASE App Acceleration.


Palo Alto Networks is committed to supporting you in your AI journey. While at AWS re:Inforce, meet with our team on-site to discuss your challenges. We're prepared to demonstrate how our solutions can safeguard your AI applications, models and data.

We invite you to request a meeting with us here, or drop in to our booth and set one up during the event. We’ll connect you with subject matter experts, executives, sales professionals or other team members who can best address your interests. Our meeting rooms are conveniently located just a short walk from our expo booth.

For more information about our presence at this event, please visit our AWS re:Inforce microsite.

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