Strata Copilot - Accelerating to an Autonomous Cybersecurity Future

May 07, 2024
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Today, Palo Alto Networks is sharing its vision for fully autonomous cybersecurity at our virtual event Prepare for a Brand-New Fight. As part of that vision we are announcing three new copilots that will supercharge security team productivity while improving security outcomes. I am excited to share more about one of them – Strata Copilot, the ultimate AI assistant for network security.

Being a network security practitioner is complicated. The threat landscape continues to intensify in terms of attack sophistication, scale and speed. Staying secure demands a deep understanding of users, applications and attackers coupled with rapid response capabilities and optimal utilization of a constantly evolving toolset. Network security teams find themselves stretched thin and burdened with heavy workloads.

Strata Copilot, powered by Precision AI, helps security teams quickly and easily find, understand and address threats before they turn into trouble leveraging the power and simplicity of natural language. Strata Copilot is designed to:

  • Enable seamless discovery across a comprehensive knowledge base – Strata Copilot makes it easy to query against activity from across the entire estate by putting all of an enterprise’s network security data at professionals' fingertips. Network traffic from Prisma SASE and Palo Alto Networks NGFW is inspected and analyzed with the results made available to power real-time insights.
  • Provide instant access to insights through natural language – Strata Copilot provides a natural language interface that understands the nuances of network security so it can quickly deliver clear answers to network questions. Understanding and securing the network becomes as simple as asking questions like “What were the top critical threats alerted in my network over the past week?” and “Which security policies and rules are allowing the most threats and how can I block them?”
  • Recommend guided actions for faster resolution – By leveraging Palo Alto Networks best practices from over 65K customers and years of leadership in network security, Strata Copilot is able to provide suggested next steps on how to remediate issues – and even open support cases – to get help and fix problems quickly. These guided actions are a powerful tool for improved productivity and security today and an important step towards a more autonomous future.


And all of these capabilities work for both network security and network operations. Strata Copilot helps network operations teams understand how their network and applications are performing and why users are running into issues. With just a few questions – as simple as “Why are some users in my organization having a degraded application experience?” – operators can get instant insights into root causes and guided actions for quick resolution.

Strata Copilot is currently available in private preview, and is seamlessly accessed through Strata Cloud Manager, the industry's first AI-powered Zero Trust management and operations solution.

To hear more about Strata Copilot, our vision for fully autonomous cybersecurity and our other cutting-edge technologies and advancements in AI and cybersecurity, watch our virtual event Prepare for a Brand-New Fight.

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