Palo Alto Networks Medical IoT Security Named LEADER in Frost RADAR™

Nov 01, 2023
3 minutes

We are thrilled to announce that Palo Alto Networks' Medical IoT Security has been recognized as a LEADER in the inaugural Frost RADAR on Healthcare IoT Security. This recognition highlights the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of our solution in securing connected medical devices and ensuring the safety of healthcare organizations.

As the healthcare industry embraces the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) to enhance patient care and streamline operations, the need for robust medical IoT security solutions has never been greater. The increased use of connected medical devices to handle clinical and operational tasks has made them a target for attackers looking to profit off of valuable patient data housed in them. The scale of cyberattacks targeting healthcare organizations continues to grow with data breaches impacting 385 million patient records between 2010 and 2022. Vulnerabilities in critical connected medical devices on hospital floors are leaving healthcare organizations exposed and endangering patient safety.

Healthcare organizations require a comprehensive zero trust approach to securing their networks and network-connected devices, but many current solutions in the market fail to provide this.

Medical IoT Security: the security to depend on when lives depend on you

At Palo Alto Networks, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation by delivering a comprehensive Medical IoT Security solution that addresses these challenges head-on. Our solution provides complete zero trust security for connected medical devices by bringing ML-powered visibility and risk assessment, threat prevention, enforcement and operational insights, all within a single platform.

Palo Alto Networks has demonstrated itself to be a clear leader in the IoMT security industry.

This recognition validates our network-based approach to medical device security and reinforces our belief that device security should be an integral component of mainstream security controls rather than a niche, “visibility-only” tool.

The Frost RADARTM evaluation states: “[Palo Alto Networks’] differentiator relies on its visibility, native security enforcement, and threat prevention features, such as its ability to provide zero-trust security policy recommendations.” The report also notes that “Its user-friendly cloud-delivered Medical IoT Security solution requires a simple license turn-on for further customization and is simple to maintain while providing complete IoT/ MIoT lifecycle support.”

When it comes to securing your critical medical devices, trust a leader

Don't leave your healthcare organization vulnerable to attacks. Minimize the risks to your patients and their data, ensuring that your connected devices remain impervious to cyber adversaries. Embrace Palo Alto Networks' Medical IoT Security, the leading name in healthcare IoT security.

Read the report to learn more about the healthcare IoT security vendor landscape and what sets Palo Alto Networks Medical IoT Security apart. See our solution in action by registering for one of our upcoming hands-on workshops.

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