VM-Series Integration with OCI Flexible Network Load Balancer

Apr 29, 2021
2 minutes

Now there’s even more exciting news about the recently announced Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Flexible Network Load Balancer, which handles volatile traffic patterns and millions of flows with high throughput  – all while maintaining ultra-low latency. With the integration between VM-Series virtual firewalls and the OCI Flexible Network Load Balancer, organizations can discover extensive security scaling and performance acceleration  – without the complexities that frequently come with deploying third-party appliances in public cloud environments.  

Security Must Keep Pace With Cloud Agility

One of the biggest advantages to adopting a public cloud is the ability to elastically and cost-effectively scale cloud computing. Oracle Cloud natively supports these capabilities for their customers.   

Securing applications is critical for customers to ensure business continuity. As businesses accelerate their Oracle Cloud adoption, the need to augment native cloud network security controls with next-generation security features has become critical. Customers choose VM-Series virtual firewalls to protect OCI environments from the widest array of threats. But deploying VM-Series at scale to meet customer deployments' growing performance requirements has remained challenging until now. 

Three Benefits of The Integration

The integration between VM-Series and OCI Flexible Network Load Balancer enables customers to horizontally scale their virtual firewalls using native OCI networking resources and can be summarized with three benefits:

  • Simplified connectivity – Easily insert an auto-scaling VM-Series firewall stack in OCI to protect inbound, outbound, and east-west communication paths. 
  • Automate network security at scale – Use native Oracle Cloud networking constructs to horizontally scale VM-Series firewalls and automate network security deployments.
  • Cost Effective - Reduce the number of firewalls needed to protect your Oracle Cloud environment and consolidate your overall network security posture using a hub and spoke architecture for centralized security management.

You can learn more about the integration in our technical deep dive blog. To take advantage of this integration, try out VM-Series in your OCI environment from our Oracle Cloud Marketplace listing

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