Prisma Cloud DSPM Wins in Cloud-Native Data Security

Mar 27, 2024
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The 2024 Globee Security Awards Gives Top Honors to Prisma Cloud Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) Solution in Multiple Categories

Prisma Cloud DSPM (formerly Dig Security) was named a winner in multiple categories at the 2024 Globee Security Awards. This recognition cements Prisma Cloud’s leadership in data-centric security and validates our move toward a platform approach for cloud security.

The 2024 Globee Awards recognize exceptional achievements in cybersecurity by individuals, organizations, products, and initiatives. Prisma Cloud’s inclusion in this year’s list of distinguished winners demonstrates the platform’s industry-leading capabilities in protecting critical data assets across cloud and hybrid environments.

Specifically, Prisma Cloud DSPM won the following awards:

  • Best Data Security Company - Gold Globee
  • Cloud-Native Data Security - Gold Globee
  • Data Security - Silver Globee

Securing Data Is a Priority in Cloud Security

As businesses increasingly move their workloads and sensitive information to the cloud, data security has become a critical priority. Traditional perimeter-based security approaches are no longer sufficient in the face of evolving threats and the dispersed nature of data in cloud environments.

However, research by Prisma Cloud — which analyzed more than 13 billion files and 8 petabytes of information — has found that many organizations still struggle to control the sensitive data they store and process in the cloud.

The study revealed that sensitive information is located everywhere. More than 30% of cloud data assets contain sensitive information, with the most common sensitive data type saved being personal identifiable information (PII). In a sample study of one billion records, 21% of all PII data contained email addresses, phone numbers and street addresses. In the same sample set, 10 million social security numbers and three million credit card numbers were also uncovered.

Figure 1: State of Cloud Data Security Report 2023, Prisma CloudDescription automatically generated
Figure 1: State of Cloud Data Security Report 2023, Prisma Cloud


Data-centric security shifts the focus from securing the perimeter to protecting the data itself, no matter where it resides or travels. By implementing strong data discovery, classification, monitoring and real-time detection and response, organizations can ensure that their critical data remains safe, even if other defenses are breached.

At Prisma Cloud, we recognize the crucial role of data security in the modern cloud era and are committed to being a leader in this space, continually innovating and enhancing the capabilities that allow us to protect our customers’ most valuable assets. We’re happy to see that this strategic focus has also been recognized by the Globee Awards.

Platform Approach Ensures Data Security from Code to Cloud

In addition to highlighting the importance of data security, these awards also validate Prisma Cloud’s platform approach to cloud security.

While point solutions only offer siloed capabilities for securing data, Prisma Cloud’s DSPM combines data security with cloud context to protect data from code-to-cloud. The Prisma Cloud platform has garnered the recognition of customers, analysts, and industry bodies because it provides security professionals with comprehensive visibility, governance around cloud data, and the ability to detect and prevent data loss or exfiltration.

As we continue to invest in and expand our platform, we’ll remain dedicated to securing the data that drives our customers' success, and to maintaining our position as a trusted cybersecurity partner to global organizations.


Visit our website to learn more about Prisma Cloud DSPM, and check out the State of Cloud Data Security Report to get insights into the state of data security today.


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