Elevate Cloud Security with the Flexibility and Simplicity of Custom Dashboards

Dec 05, 2023
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For security professionals inundated with alerts and metrics, the one-size-fits-all approach to data monitoring and threat assessment leaves much to be desired in terms of ease of use and efficiency. The data barrage, on the daily, has teams spinning their wheels, questioning which of the myriad signals warrants priority.

When time is at a premium and security incidents can threaten an organization, the crux of the issue comes down to the rigid structure of pre-built, out-of-the-box dashboards.

Traditional security dashboards miss the mark when it comes to delivering the nuanced insights specific to an organization's unique security posture. As a result, teams set out on fragmented workflows that shuttle them between tools, diluting focus and efficiency.

The industry requires a more intuitive and adaptable solution. In the context of cloud security, the power of flexibility directed at data analysis can’t be underestimated. Giving practitioners, cloud architects and security leaders the ability to customize dashboards for their individual needs equips them to holistically assess risk, ultimately concentrating focus.

Flexibility and Control for Your Security Priorities

As part of Prisma Cloud’s Darwin release, Palo Alto Networks introduces custom dashboards, a paradigm shift in personalized security analytics.

Imagine a security architect beginning their day, not with a generic overview, but with a dashboard tailored to display AWS account metrics filtered to spotlight their specific needs. Or consider a security executive who, during back-to-back meetings, can glance at a screen and immediately grasp compliance status, alert trends and asset vulnerabilities.

The flexibility of Prisma Cloud's custom dashboards is about more than convenience — it's about redefining responsiveness in cloud security. By consolidating critical metrics into a singular, coherent view, security teams can pivot from reactive to proactive, from overwhelmed to in control. The time saved from constructing external data pipelines can be invested in analyzing trends and mitigating risks, fundamentally enhancing an organization's security posture.

Exceptional Features of Custom Dashboards

Ultimate Control

Prisma Cloud’s custom dashboards offer unprecedented control over what users see on each screen, empowering you to construct your operational narrative, monitoring what metrics matters most to the organization according to your role and responsibilities. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly build your own dashboard.

Copy and Edit Templates

Instead of starting from scratch, users can copy a pre-existing dashboard and edit as needed. Prisma Cloud's out-of-the-box dashboards — Command Center, Code to Cloud, Discovery and Exposure Management, Code Security and Vulnerabilities — serve as a starting point, making it even easier to create custom views.

Expansive Widget Library

With over 50 charts available in the widget library — and more on the horizon — users can drag and drop visualizations, apply global filters like time range, account group and cloud account to craft an unlimited number of dashboards. Each dashboard can be a canvas for creativity or a proven template repurposed, providing a sandbox for the expert or a starting point for new practitioners. The one constant is the outcome — to better visualize your security landscape and empower you to make data-driven decisions.

Build custom dashboards with a widget selector.
Figure 1: Build custom dashboards with a widget selector.

Key Use Cases for Custom Dashboards

Custom dashboards offer an array of possibilities for cloud security teams to focus on what most matters to their enterprise. Let's explore some of the key use cases that elevate these dashboards from helpful to indispensable.

Consolidated View for Multi-Account Management

For users who manage multiple AWS accounts in their organization, custom dashboards enable them to aggregate alerts, assets, policies and compliance widgets into a single pane of glass. Filtering by cloud account delivers the relevant data they need, streamlining their everyday security management tasks and providing consolidated insights.

Executive Security Dashboard for Decision Makers

Executive-level stakeholders need a quick yet comprehensive way to assess their organization's security posture. Custom dashboards allow security team leads to create tailored views based on prioritized metrics, ensuring decision-makers have relevant information to guide their actions — and without getting lost in the details.

Alert Trend Analysis and Remediation Prioritization

One of the most popular requests from users is the ability to focus on alert trends and severity. Custom dashboards empower users to visualize and prioritize these alerts by filtering them through time ranges, cloud types and account groups. This level of customization helps organizations identify top risks and rapidly respond to incidents.

Compliance Tracking Across Cloud Environments

Maintaining compliance with industry standards is crucial for many organizations. Custom dashboards enable users to focus on this critical aspect of cloud security by providing bespoke views of compliance metrics, ensuring they’re continuously aligning with regulations and best practices.

Consolidated view of sensitive data and risks across clouds
Figure 2: Consolidated view of sensitive data and risks across clouds

Transform Your Cloud Security Experience with Prisma Cloud's Custom Dashboards

Prisma Cloud's custom dashboards offer a comprehensive and visually cohesive representation of your cloud security ecosystem. By aggregating metrics from diverse product pages, these tailored dashboards deliver an intuitive user experience, enabling seamless extraction of insights from cloud environments. This all-encompassing perspective empowers organizations to pinpoint potential risks, identify anomalies and address security threats from a unified platform.

The embodiment of Prisma Cloud's Code to Cloud intelligence, custom dashboards speak directly to the heart of modern cybersecurity challenges, offering clarity in the complexity of shifting data. For the security professional, they’re a strategic ally, a command center from which to safeguard the digital frontier. With Prisma Cloud, enterprises are finally harnessing cloud intelligence in a way that aligns with their distinct security needs.

Unlock the full potential of custom dashboards in Prisma Cloud's Darwin Release and experience the transformative power of tailoring insights to your cloud security needs.

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