Application Suite Monitoring for Every User, Branch & App

Feb 14, 2024
3 minutes

In today's digital landscape, organizations heavily rely on a suite of productivity applications, like Microsoft 365 and Google Suite for their day-to-day operations. But when application performance degradation or outages happen, it impacts user experience and workforce productivity suffers.

Organizations need the ability to monitor and troubleshoot individual applications and complete application suites to maintain a seamless user experience and ensure business continuity.

When IT teams use Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) with Prisma SASE, they can proactively manage and resolve performance degradation issues for individual applications and application suites across their distributed workforce before they impact productivity.

Let's take a closer look at how it works.

Application Suite Monitoring Is Paramount

How do you know if you’re progressing on your application suite’s adoption strategy, and where you can improve?

Admins often don’t have the tools to report usage issues quickly and accurately, making it difficult to track and report on application deployment success. Here are a few ways to use ADEM and ensure your employees have the best application experience.

Monitor Individual Applications and the Entire Application Suite

ADEM aggregates application suite monitoring capability and individual service monitoring to empower network and application administrators with granular insights into how an application performs across the organization and at a per-user level.

Application Experience Use Cases

Consider a case where a company heavily relies on Microsoft 365 and the services within the suite like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive for communication and collaboration.

With ADEM, the administrator responsible for assessing the application suite's overall performance has complete visibility of the suite, and a bird's eye view of the user experience.

Figure 1: Microsoft 365 suite performance visibility

ADEM’s path visualization feature provides per-hop insights for each application within the suite, empowering administrators with granular visibility into performance impacts introduced within the service provider network.

Figure 2: ADEM per-hop insights for each application within a suite

With unparalleled insights across the entire service delivery chain, IT teams can proactively address issues before they become bigger problems.

In addition, ADEM’s application service licensing agreement (SLA) management capabilities help to streamline and manage application SLAs from one dashboard.

Figure 3: Real-time monitoring of application SLAs

Get Application-Level Monitoring with ADEM and Prisma SASE

ADEM works with Prisma SASE to offer a holistic view of the performance of your complete application suite, providing insights across the entire service delivery chain that connects your users to the application suite.

This means IT teams can track employee experience wherever employees access SaaS applications—whether at home, a call center, a regional office, or even an airplane.

ADEM allows enterprises to detect and address issues before they impact productivity. By monitoring service health and diagnosing problems, organizations can minimize downtime, improve response times, and ensure uninterrupted access to critical applications and application suites.


Learn more about ADEM here.


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