Introducing App Acceleration for Prisma SASE

Jan 18, 2024
3 minutes

Drive up to 5x Faster Than Direct-to-Internet Performance

Modern enterprises face an increasingly complex challenge: the distributed workforce relies on high-performance apps, but enterprises can’t guarantee a consistent app experience for all workers.

Slow app performance results in poor engagement and lost productivity. However, workers primarily connect over wireless connections, encountering slow loading times and frustrating interruptions when using critical business apps.

It can be extremely challenging to achieve globally consistent app experiences because the causes of poor performance are often outside of the enterprise’s control. For example, the organization doesn’t control the users’ first-mile connectivity when connecting remotely. In addition, enterprises centralize cloud apps for data sovereignty and privacy reasons. Finally, modern apps rely on large amounts of dynamic content stored in multiple locations to drive rich and engaging experiences.

Good news: our newest innovation—App Acceleration for Prisma SASE—directly addresses the cause of performance issues that reduce employee engagement and productivity. Enterprises can have secure and fast access that builds a protected environment to foster growth and productivity at high operational velocities.

Introducing App Acceleration for Prisma SASE

Prisma SASE is the industry’s most complete single vendor secure access service edge (SASE) solution, converging superior ZTNA 2.0 security, next-generation SD-WAN, and the industry’s only SASE-native Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) into a single cloud-delivered service.

The recent introduction of App Acceleration for Prisma SASE sets a new benchmark for delivering security and performance without compromising end-user experiences.

App Acceleration for Prisma SASE is a cutting-edge solution designed to address the need for faster application performance to achieve enhanced experiences. Only App Acceleration for Prisma SASE enables digital and cloud-first organizations to achieve high-performing, low-latency access to applications with full security up to five times faster than accessing applications directly through the internet. Only App Acceleration can do this with no code required, including no app modifications and no infrastructure modifications.

Prisma SASE with App Acceleration delivers “better than direct-to-Internet” performance for a no-compromise user experience.

Traditional approaches attempt to address application performance by accelerating WAN traffic, caching static content, or increasing their point-of-presence (PoP) footprint. Unfortunately, none of these approaches effectively improve application performance because they do not account for the primary causes of poor performance: poor network connectivity, cloud app architecture, and cloud processing latency.

Only App Acceleration for Prisma SASE dynamically adapts to the remote employee’s first-mile connectivity conditions to boost connection performance without requiring any changes to apps or their infrastructure.

Additionally, App Acceleration leverages an intelligent “app-aware” edge platform to understand how employees interact with SaaS and other cloud-based applications to proactively prepare dynamic content for users. This decouples the cloud processing time from the user’s experience, preparing the content before the user even requests it.

The combination of first-mile optimization with an app-aware edge boosts the responsiveness of cloud applications up to five times faster than direct-to-internet responsiveness.

With App Acceleration for Prisma SASE, enterprises can finally address the causes of poor app performance without custom implementations and integration.

If your organization supports a massive remote or hybrid workforce, Prisma SASE with App Acceleration can help transform how your employees access the applications and services they need without sacrificing speed or security.


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