Managed Innovation: NTT's Managed Networks with Prisma SASE

Jan 24, 2024
3 minutes

In the dynamic landscape of network security, organizations grapple with the challenge of fortifying their digital infrastructure while staying ahead of the innovations. The synergy between NTT's Managed Networks and Palo Alto Networks' Prisma SASE results in a solution that enhances security and integrates cutting-edge advancements delivered as a comprehensive managed service.

SASE with NTT DATA: Strengthening Security Posture

A growing modern hybrid workforce and diverse branch locations expand the enterprise attack surface, requiring the implementation of sophisticated security measures.

SASE seamlessly integrates software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), Zero Trust network access (ZTNA), and application security features into a single cloud-delivered service, reducing the burden on IT teams to manage multiple solutions and ultimately limiting gaps in security posture. Working with a global system integrator (GSI) like NTT DATA helps enterprises assess their security posture and implement a fully managed Prisma SASE solution.

Key Benefits of Prisma SASE

Combining networking and security as a service into a single cloud-delivered service can make management much simpler and reduce complexity. Prisma SASE offers several significant benefits, including:

1. Anywhere access enables secure connectivity from any location, making remote work more efficient.

2. Branch office connectivity replaces MPLS connections with SD-WAN, thereby reducing costs and improving branch office agility.

3. Zero Trust security enhances your alignment with Zero Trust principles, providing identity-centric access and robust security policies.

4. Data protection enables easy integration into security services such as data loss prevention and content inspection.

5. Internet-bound traffic management simplifies IT and security operations, ensuring consistent protection for all traffic.

Managed Services Elevate SASE Implementation

Implementing SASE requires a specific skill set. NTT’s Managed Networks with Prisma SASE enhances operational efficiency, network performance, and agility while consolidating essential security capabilities within a unified platform.

Prisma SASE seamlessly integrates with NTT's Sentient Platform for Network Transformation (SPEKTRA), offering a unified platform for security, observability, AI, incident management, and automation.

Palo Alto Networks leads in network security with innovations, including:

1. Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) is natively integrated with Prisma SASE to prevent malware execution.

2. Interconnected SaaS application security via Next-Generation CASB for visibility and risk assessment.

3. Gen AI application security with Next-Generation CASB that identifies and blocks access to entire catalogs of unsanctioned and high-risk generative AI apps.

4. Data security with AI and ML with enhanced DLP classifiers and custom ML models.

Exceptional User Experience

The main focus of Prisma SASE is to provide an exceptional user experience. It includes features such as Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM), which offers AI-powered network visibility. Prisma SASE also includes App Acceleration to ensure a faster-than-internet user experience. NTT can seamlessly integrate this feature to meet organizational needs. Some of the benefits of Prisma SASE are:

1. App Acceleration that provides up to five times faster performance for critical apps.

2. Application SLA assurance with prioritized network and application performance to ensure an exceptional user experience.

3. Broadest segmentation through VRF segmentation to enhance network context and isolation.

Safeguarding Your Infrastructure

NTT’s Managed Networks with Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE offers a robust solution to safeguard infrastructure. Whether enhancing security, ensuring compliance, or optimizing user experience, this collaborative approach accelerates recognizing business benefits, paving the way for a secure and innovative future and guarding against modern threat actors.

Unlock the power of secure and agile networking – explore more about NTT's Managed Networks with Prisma SASE. We are here to support your organization's journey toward enhanced security and operational excellence.


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