Security Operations

Who’s the Boss? Teaming Up With AI in Security
“AI’s Impact in Cybersecurity” is a blog series based on interviews with a variety of experts at Palo Alto Networks and Unit 42, with roles in AI research, product management, consulting, engineering and more....
Feb 14, 2024
XSOAR 8.5: What’s New
XSOAR 8.5 continues the evolution of XSOAR 8 which started with a SaaS platform and tight integration with the Cortex suite of products.
Feb 15, 2024
A Deep Dive Into Malicious Direct Syscall Detection
In this blog post we will explain how attackers use direct syscalls to overcome most EDR solutions, by first discussing the conventional Windows syscall flow and how most EDR solutions monitor those calls. Then...
Feb 13, 2024
What’s Next in Cortex - Expanded Visibility and Enhanced Protections with Latest Cortex Innovations
At Palo Alto Networks, we're constantly pushing the boundaries of security, and our latest wave of innovations is no exception. With our newest featur...
Feb 12, 2024

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