5 Tips for Releasing the Best Solution with Cortex XSOAR

Nov 23, 2021
4 minutes

Over the last few years, the security industry has seen an increased interest in marketplaces, especially in-product marketplace. Cortex XSOAR has the industry's most comprehensive security orchestration marketplace to help customers efficiently utilize products in their environment. Companies from all major security spaces build and maintain content packs that highlight strong and relevant use cases. Teams implement in-depth security offerings ranging from SIEM integrations to artificial intelligence with one click installation directly from the Marketplace. This platform allows customers to easily discover the solutions that solve their cyber security problems. 


A marketplace is only as good as its offerings, which is why it’s so important for companies to partner with Cortex XSOAR and release integrations. Whether it be to implement a pre-existing product or bring forth an innovative idea, the Cortex XSOAR Partner Success Team is eager to help! There are many ways for current and future partners to create a strong offering with the XSOAR team. 


  • Communicate with the Partner Success Team

Cortex XSOAR has a full-time dedicated partnership team that consists of business development, marketing, and engineering experts. Each team member is focused on ensuring partners are supported through the process: to stay on track, work through challenges and ask questions when needed. When partners are unresponsive or lack urgency, it is difficult for the XSOAR Partner Success team to balance our technical resources to best support partners. This can also, at times, make it seem like the partner does not value the relationship. If partners are looking to build a solid foundation in their alliance with Cortex XSOAR, this step is key! 


  • Build a Strong and Relevant Security Offering 

The Cortex XSOAR team is constantly seeking new and innovative ideas from partners and their technology to solve customer problems. For example, the recent increase in ransomware attacks is driving security teams to seek out effective products. Partners also have the ability to make custom playbooks where they can bring several integrations together to help the customer be prepared for these kinds of common attacks.


  • Utilize the Provided Resources

To help our partners build a pack, the Cortex XSOAR team has created and mapped out a streamlined process, including training courses, extensive documentation and videos, and a dedicated channel on our Slack community that is monitored by engineers. These resources are free to anyone who is interested in building a pack. In addition, there are multiple Partner Success Engineers who are ready to help! These resources are designed to make pack creation as easy as possible for interested parties. The XSOAR team encourages all partners to follow the program's steps to ensure a successful build. 


  • Promote Your Hard Work

Once the pack launches, partners are encouraged to showcase their contributions wherever possible! There are many ways to do this such as posting a solution brief,  blog, listing this solution on their ecosystem site and more. The Cortex XSOAR team is eager to support partners with any marketing activities they decide to pursue. 


  • Explore Reselling your Product 

Partners may choose to release a premium pack, which brings out a new set of benefits… including monetizing! The partner decides the price, content, marketing strategies and receives a healthy share of the revenue! Cortex XSOAR customers utilize the Marketplace to learn more about all of the integrations available that can help solve their needs. If there is one they want to try, it is a simple one-click process. Reach out to the XSOAR team to learn more about the possibility of monetizing your pack!


Interested in starting? Do you have a great idea for a content pack? The Cortex XSOAR team is open to hearing about all use case ideas and highly encourages companies and individuals to apply and start a conversation! 

Head over to the Cortex XSOAR site to learn more about why you should be the next featured partner! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to soar.alliances@paloaltonetworks.com

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