Automate Security Validation with Cortex XSOAR and Pentera

Jun 04, 2021
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As networks, users, devices, and applications constantly change and expose vulnerabilities as a result, it is critical to continuously evaluate and update your security defenses. Accurate and expansive activities, like penetration testing and red-teaming, are crucial for discovering security gaps and consistently validating corrective actions for vulnerabilities across your organization. Unfortunately, security teams rarely have the time or resources to stay up on the latest adversary techniques, compile actionable reports, or perform regular security control validation.

To overcome these issues, Pentera and Cortex XSOAR are excited to share that the new Pentera content pack for automated security validation is now available within the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace. The Cortex XSOAR Marketplace is at the center of driving innovation and scale for SecOps teams. This new content pack from Pentera expands our current offerings to provide Cortex XSOAR users with real data on attacker techniques. Additionally, users can automate remediation by integrating Pentera’s attack vector visibility and risk-based vulnerability prioritization into playbooks. Model the attacker behavior, expose vulnerabilities, streamline response actions, and further build your cyber resilience with a one click installation.


Let’s Take a Look at How Automated Security Validation Can Help Your Program

Together, Pentera and Cortex XSOAR enable your security and IT Teams to combine both offensive security techniques and extended detection & response. Together, you can start exposing vulnerabilities, trigger response action playbooks, and mitigate risk before any damage is done. Pentera and Cortex XSOAR arm security teams with the intelligence to focus remediation efforts on high priority vulnerabilities that would be exploited by attackers if left unattended.

Pentera requires no installation or network configurations to discover exploits and accumulate actionable intelligence, and does so without any disruption of service. As part of each network assessment, safe-by-design exploitation and dynamic hacking techniques are performed across the entire MITRE ATT&CK framework (to name a few: lateral movement, remote execution, password cracking, ethical malware injection, and privilege escalation).

The Pentera content pack enables you to:

  • Eliminate attack surface exposure and maintain cyber hygiene with automated real-time validation for critical vulnerabilities without false positives.
  • Apply the most current adversary techniques and uncover the complete attack operation while increasing SOC focus, automation, and threat hunting effectiveness.
  • Leverage real-time test results and get a clear packaged summary of critical remediation steps to perform within the Cortex XSOAR War Room.


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Build up your security program with the Pentera automated security validation content pack, available now on the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace. Look up prebuilt integrations for top security tools with over 650 content packs available for Cortex XSOAR, the market’s leading security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform.

To learn more about Pentera, visit

To learn more about the Pentera integration with Cortex XSOAR, be sure to attend our Top Uses Cases webinar on June 24th at 9 AM PST. Save your seat today!


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