An Ode to SOAR

In the realm of security's core,

Stands XSOAR, the OG of SOAR.

With automation it reigns,

Resolving SecOps incidents and pains,

An orchestration master for every chore.


It integrates SOC tools with flair,

Delivering ops efficiencies beyond compare,

Incidents and alerts, it swiftly ingests.

Analyzing, triaging, putting analyst minds at rest,

Giving time back to analysts everywhere.


From SIEM to endpoint, it integrates,

Collecting and correlating, no data it negates.

Playbooks and workflows, meticulously crafted,

Guiding analysts, in investigations the staff did,

Smooth security processes it creates.


From alert investigation to remediation,

XSOAR brings seamless collaboration.

It weaves together teams and systems, disparate and vast,

Empowering analysts with insights unsurpassed,

Automation, the security salvation.


But in the realm of tech, a myth did rise,

Of wondrous promise, to our surprise.

“SOAR is dead!”, they boldly claimed,

A path to simplicity, untamed,

Hyper-automation is where the future lies.


The dream of building without a hitch,

No code, they said, would solve the glitch.

But as threat complexities soon emerged,

No code's limitations converged,

Like a river dammed, a dry pitch.


These "no code" players promise simplicity and ease,

But beware of their limitations, if you please.

While simple tasks might seem effortless,

It’s hard to automate a workflow errorless,

You’ll hit code fast, we guarantee.


For XSOAR's might and capabilities,

Go beyond the surface, delivered with expertise.

XSOAR is battle tested by thousands of patrons,

To automate their SOCs into great ones,

Unlocking modern SecOps with ease.


XSOAR's power remains, standing with grace,

As the OG SOAR, it sets the pace.

Against evolving threats, we constantly strive,

To ensure our SOC analysts thrive,

Enabling security teams to win the cybersecurity race.


In Edward Lear's whimsical style, we offer this poem,

With a nonsensical flair and playful tone.

It’s not quite a limerick, but he’d surely smile and say,

Newcomers may frolic about, but with XSOAR we stay,

To automate as a community, and never alone.


Credit: With aid from ChatGPT.