Real-time Cloud Workload Protection

Protect Cloud Workloads from Zero-Day Threats

Cloud applications are constantly consuming multiple software components and services from various sources – including open-source communities. As new vulnerabilities are exposed, it is challenging to patch your apps instantly and ensure you are protected from advanced threats.

Traps™ advanced endpoint protection provides real-time protection against exploits and other threats to ensure the integrity of your operating systems and applications running in the cloud are not compromised.


Securing cloud workloads in real time

Unique in the breadth and depth of its workload protections, Traps:

  • Prevents exploit by behavior and technique without signatures.
  • Protects un-patchable and immutable workloads.
  • Reduces attack opportunities through application restrictions and controls.
  • Is deployed as a lightweight, non-disruptive agent, minimizing workload resources.
  • Integrates with the Palo Alto Networks® Security Operating Platform.


Easy, efficient management

Simple cloud-based management

With the Traps management service, a cloud-based endpoint security service, you save the time and cost of having to build out your own global security infrastructure. Deployment is simple and fast, requiring no server licenses, databases or other infrastructure to get started.

Intuitive user experience

Traps provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage policies and events, and accelerate incident response – helping to minimize the operational challenges associated with protecting your endpoints. From the Traps management service web console, you can manage the endpoint security policy, review security events as they occur, and perform additional analysis of associated logs.

Lightweight, non-disruptive agent

The Traps agent enforces your security policy on the endpoint and reports when it detects a threat. The Traps endpoint agent consists of various drivers and services yet requires minimal memory and CPU usage to ensure a non-disruptive user experience. Following its deployment, system administrators have complete control over all Traps agents in the environment through the Traps management service.

An integral part of comprehensive public cloud security

Traps is a critical element of the Security Operating Platform from Palo Alto Networks because it enables us to deliver the industry’s most complete offering for public cloud security. Our other cloud products enable you to:

Protect and segment cloud workloads.

Public cloud services, such as AWS®, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure®, Alibaba Cloud and Oracle Cloud®, can provide greater agility, scalability and infrastructure consistency than traditional data centers, but the risks of data loss and business disruption remain. With VM-Series virtualized next-generation firewalls, you can prevent advanced threats, radically improve visibility into your applications, segment your workloads, and scale automatically based on demand.

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Continuous security and compliance for your public cloud

Prisma™ Cloud public cloud security and compliance combines continuous monitoring, compliance reporting and advanced threat detection. Now you can find and fix configuration and data risks continuously throughout the development process; simplify cloud compliance reporting and reduce cost of recertification audits; measure, enforce and make improvements to security policies; and deliver more value to your organization at lower total cost.

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Protect data in cloud-native storage services

With public cloud storage security, you can discover and classify data within blobs and buckets; evaluate your exposure based on policy; auto-remediate publicly exposed data; and quarantine malware – so you can be assured your use of public cloud storage does not expose your company to new security vulnerabilities.

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