Accelerate your AWS adoption with rock-solid security

Protect your cloud infrastructure and workloads

As AWS becomes the dominant deployment platform for your business critical applications, protecting the increased public cloud footprint from threats, data loss and associated business disruption remain significant challenges

Palo Alto Networks® offers innovative and comprehensive security for your applications and data deployed on AWS. We complement AWS native security with our platform, which includes inline, API-based and host-based components for comprehensive protection. Our products enable you to:

No matter which approach you take, inline, API-based, or host-based protection, automation features and centralized management will allow you to embed security platform into your application development process, ensuring security can keep pace with the speed of the cloud.

Featured Public Cloud Products


The VM-Series protects your private and public cloud deployments by enabling applications and preventing threats.

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Prisma Cloud

Continuously monitor and secure your cloud workloads via API to prevent data loss and enable compliance.

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Traps replaces traditional antivirus with multi-method prevention and completes a platform-centric approach to cybersecurity.

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