Investigation and Threat Hunting Virtual Workshop

Threat Hunting Workshop, Threat Hunting Virtual Hands-on Workshop

Experience Cortex XDR

Our 3-hour virtual workshop aims to sharpen your investigation and threat hunting skills with hands-on experience. You’ll learn how to uncover adversaries anywhere in your environment and thwart sophisticated attacks against your enterprise.

Experience Cortex

What we’ll cover


Quick investigations

See how you can get to containment faster with root cause and attack chain analysis.


Applying machine learning

Identify even the most elusive threats with machine learning and behavioral analytics.


Accelerated threat hunting

Discover how enriched, contextualized data can accelerate your team’s threat hunting.


Custom rule creation

We’ll show you how to identify suspicious behavior faster by creating custom rules for alerts.


Making a plan

Leave with a clear plan for implementing more effective and accurate investigations and threat hunting at your organization.


Introduction and Meet your moderators

5 minutes

Quick welcome and introduction

Presentation set up

45 minutes

  • What is threat hunting
  • Cortex XDR overview

Self-guided lab work

120-180 minutes

  • Instructions to download lab guide
  • Instructions to login and access Cortex XDR
  • Guided steps for:
    • Investigation Activities using data from Network and Endpoint, with multiple types of alerts
    • Multiple Threat Hunting Activities

Closing and Q&A

5-10 minutes

  • Questions and discuss possible next steps
  • Survey to gather feedback

Ideal for

  • Security analysts of all experience levels
  • Security operations/SOC staff
  • Incident responders
  • Threat hunters


  • Laptop
  • Latest version of Google Chrome

Ideal for


  • Security analysts of all experience levels
  • Security operations/SOC staff
  • Incident responders
  • Threat hunters
  • Laptop
  • Latest version of Google Chrome

Meet the creators of this workshop

Director, Technical Marketing Engineering Or Cohen

As the Director of Technical Marketing Engineering, Or is in charge of the technical elements of taking Cortex XDR to market.

Peter Nguyen
Senior Manager, Technical Marketing Engineering Peter Nguyen

Peter is responsible for technical enablement, building training tools, and ensuring success through the evaluation and on-boarding process.