The needs of the SOC have changed

Data is disjointed and siloed

Too many cybersecurity tools and storing vast amounts of data in different locations hinder real-time threat detection and response.

Weak threat defense

Reliance on static correlation rules, detection engineering and high data volume lead to inaccurate detections and more false positives.

Heavy reliance on manual work

Manual analysis and security tasks mean it takes longer to detect and resolve security incidents.

Rethink and transform SecOps

Combine your SecOps capabilities, connect all of your data sources and move to a machine-led human-empowered SOC.

Cortex XSIAM is the only security operations solution you need, consolidating all of your data and tools into a single AI-driven platform


Purpose-built for SecOps transformation

Simplify security operations and accelerate incident remediation with a platform built to stop the threats of today — and the threats of the future.

Platform convergence

Centralize data and SOC capabilities — XDR, SOAR, ASM, SIEM — into one platform. Eliminate console switching. Streamline security operations.

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Simplified data source onboarding and health monitoring to ensure your SOC is optimized.

Continuous collection, stitching and normalization of raw data, enabling superior security analytics.

AI-driven outcomes

Out-of-the-box AI models go beyond traditional detection methods, connecting events across various data sources to accurately detect and stop threats at scale.

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AI models that centralize the full story of incidents, for better detection and response.

Alert grouping and AI-based incident scoring connect low-confidence events into high-confidence incidents.

Automation-first approach

Automate security tasks to reduce manual work and accelerate incident response and remediation before analysts even look at incidents.

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Alert-specific playbooks automate security tasks before analysts review incidents.

Continuous learning from manual actions and recommending future automations for improved incident response.


Real results from real Cortex XSIAM users


Your advanced security operations assistant

Get step-by-step guidance to help you resolve incidents faster and stay ahead of emerging threats.

  • Speed up investigations

    Review incidents, investigate affected systems and users, identify indicators of compromise, and get response suggestions from anywhere in the platform.

Trusted by organizations worldwide to transform their SOC

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