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Industry-First Extended Detection and Response

Stop breaches with full visibility, streamlined investigations and coordinated response


Traditional security tools operate in silos, generating a deluge of low-fidelity alerts. While analysts sift through alerts, attackers can dwell undetected.

  • Endless alerts and complex investigations delay response

    Disjointed tools force analysts to pivot from console to console to investigate incidents, resulting in slow investigations and missed attacks.

  • Blind spots let adversaries operate under the radar

    EDR solutions rarely see the full scope of targeted attacks, allowing threat actors to dwell in the hidden recesses of your network.

  • Legacy response options can't stop modern threats

    Basic block lists and quarantine can't keep up with fast-moving attacks. You need to be able to sweep across endpoints and swiftly root out threats.

Why It matters

What is extended detection and response?

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The CORTEX XDR Solution

Outpace attackers with a platform that evolves to stop modern threats

When evaluating security products, consider whether they can stop future threats or if they're focused on the endpoint-only attacks of the past. Because results matter, carefully review industry tests and real-world results. Cortex XDR, the industry’s first extended detection and response platform, gathers data from any source to stop known and unknown threats.
  • Full visibility to eliminate blind spots and root out adversaries
  • Accelerated investigations powered by incident management and root cause analysis
  • The industry’s best combined MITRE ATT&CK protection and detection scores
  • Behavioral analytics
    Behavioral analytics
  • Correlation rules
    Correlation rules
  • Incident management
    Incident management
  • Threat hunting
    Threat hunting
  • Coordinated response
    Coordinated response

Our approach to XDR

Find stealthy threats fast

If you can’t see a threat, you can’t fight it. Detect attacks anywhere in your environment by applying analytics and machine learning to comprehensive data from across your organization. Behavior analytics identify anomalies and pinpoint stealthy and unknown threats with unmatched accuracy.

  • ML-driven analytics:

    Detect malware, command and control, lateral movement and exfiltration by profiling behavior and spotting changes in behavior indicative of attack.

  • Out-of-the-box rules:

    Instantly start detecting attacks with 400+ pre-defined rules. MITRE ATT&CK tags reveal attack techniques, while custom correlation rules offer advanced detection across data sources.

Stealthy Threats

Speed investigations with incident management

By integrating data from multiple sources, you can view the root cause of alerts from any source, reducing investigation time by 88%. Intelligent alert grouping and alert deduplication simplify triage and reduce the experience required at every stage of security operations.

  • Incident management and scoring:

    Get a complete picture of an attack by viewing related alerts, key artifacts and threat intelligence in one place. An optional incident list provides a side-by-side view of all incidents and a deep dive into a single incident. Incident scoring lets you focus on the threats that matter.

  • ATT&CK mapping:

    Understand the objectives and the possible threat groups behind attacks by viewing the MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques observed in alerts and incidents.

  • Powerful threat hunting:

    Build advanced queries across multiple data sources and visualize results to hunt down the most covert threats.

Incident Management

Benefit from the industry’s most flexible response options

Once you identify threats, you need to contain them quickly. With the right SecOps tool, you can integrate with endpoint, network and cloud enforcement points to stop the spread of malware, directly access endpoints with a Live Terminal or run any Python script on your endpoints.

  • Search and Destroy:

    Sweep across your endpoints in real time to find and eradicate threats.

  • Host restore:

    Rapidly recover from an attack by removing malicious files, as well as restoring damaged files and registry keys.

Detect live terminal

Unbiased Testing. Unbeatable Results.

Want to know how your security controls stack up against the attack sequences of the world’s most dangerous threat groups? Look no further than the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation. In year 5 of the evaluations, Cortex XDR® has consistently achieved outstanding protection and detection results when up against the most formidable advanced persistent threat groups in existence. To see why we are the ONLY vendor with 100% Prevention and 100% Analytic Coverage, click below.
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Zero in on user-based threats with Identity Analytics

Detect risky and malicious user behavior that traditional tools can’t see with Identity Analytics. Cortex XDR pinpoints attacks such as credential theft, brute force and “the impossible traveler” with unparalleled precision by identifying behavioral anomalies indicative of attack.

  • 360-degree user view:

    Get a full assessment of each user, including a user risk score and related alerts, incidents, artifacts and recent activity.

  • User context:

    Find threats and gain investigative context by gathering data from HR apps like Workday, security solutions like SailPoint, and leading identity providers.

Identity Analytics

Protect all assets, including IoT and unmanaged devices

Detect targeted attacks, insider abuse and malware by applying AI and machine learning to network data. Your analysts can rapidly confirm threats by reviewing actionable alerts with investigative context. Through tight integration with enforcement points, they can block threats before the damage is done.

  • Network detection and response:

    Monitor internal east-west traffic and identify active attacks without deploying network sensors or on-premises log servers.

  • AI-powered analytics:

    Uncover the actions attackers can’t conceal by applying behavioral analytics to rich network data.

Incidents Artifacts

Unify your defenses to stop more threats

Take Detection and Response to the Next Level

Product Cloud Identity
Cortex XDR
  • Detect advanced attacks with analytics and ML

  • Reduce alerts by 98% with incident management and alert grouping

  • Contain attacks quickly with coordinated response

  • Avoid alert fatigue and personnel turnover

  • Increase SOC productivity and ROI