Unlock the Power of Your Threat Intelligence

A complete threat intel platform for the full threat intel management lifecycle.


Security teams rarely get the most value out of their threat intel investments, given the millions of indicators that come in daily.

  • Not all threat intel is relevant

    Threat feeds vary in quality and relevance, forcing analysts to manually tune and score them before they can be distributed to enforcement points.

  • Insights into threat impact

    Security teams need to quickly assess how external threats are related to what is happening in their network.

  • Acting on threat intel is hard

    Managing dynamic threat feeds is a highly manual and repetitive process. The sheer volume of data results in a lag between intelligence processing and action.


A powerful threat intelligence platform designed for action

Built on the extensible Cortex XSOAR platform, TIM defines a new approach to threat intelligence management. It’s not only able to collect, normalize and de-dupe threat intelligence from various sources (including a high-fidelity centralized threat intelligence library from our own Unit42) but also process, analyze and produce for action in a highly automated and orchestrated manner.
  • Manage threat intelligence lifecycle
  • Eliminate silos
  • Actionable intel
  • Planning & Direction
    Planning & Direction
  • Collection
  • Processing
  • Analysis & Production
    Analysis & Production
  • Dissemination

Our approach to threat intel management

Centralize and manage all threat intelligence

Leverage a global threat landscape with native access to the massive Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence repository. You can also manage any third-party threat intel source, which can be added to a central TI library.

  • Proactive defense against attacks

    The power of threat intelligence comes from making strategic security decisions to protect your organization before an incident occurs. Rich threat intelligence findings by Unit 42 threat researchers are automatically embedded in an analyst’s existing tools. For instant, unrivaled context and understanding of every event and threat.

  • Granular search with unlimited combinations

    Rapidly pivot through billions of samples and trillions of artifacts by combining hundreds of dimensions in unlimited ways. Teams can quickly get to the information they need without the domain expertise of an advanced threat hunter.

Automatically map threat information to incidents

We automatically map and enrich incidents with external threat data to help you identify relevant threats. We also map surface relationships between threat actors and attack techniques previously unknown in your environment.

  • Take automated action

    Immediately shut down threats across your enterprise by automatically sending (orchestrating) MRTI to enforcement points and security devices. Expand the scope of your investigations by easily sharing threat intelligence across internal teams and trusted organizations.

  • Enrich and prioritize

    Empowers security analysts to make informed decisions, take action and respond confidently. With threat intelligence enrichment playbooks, indicators are automatically enriched with more details and context.

Operationalize threat intelligence with automation

We help you act on this intelligence by leveraging automation to parse, prioritize and distribute relevant threat information to your security controls in real time for continuous protection.

  • Eliminate manual tasks

    Automated playbooks to aggregate, parse, deduplicate and manage millions of daily indicators across multiple feed sources. Extend and edit IoC scoring with ease.

  • Operationalize

    In order to operationalize cyberthreat intelligence, it needs to be actionable. To make it actionable, you need to build context. Threat intelligence without context is just noise.

The industry’s most complete threat intelligence platform

  • Take advantage of powerful native threat intelligence

  • Collect and correlate all threat intelligence sources and incidents

  • Visualize enterprise-relevant IoCs

  • Aggregate, parse and score indicators with precision

  • Act on threat intelligence with automated playbooks and 700+ integrations