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Cortex XSOAR Marketplace is the premier digital storefront for discovering, exchanging, and contributing security automation playbooks, built into Cortex™ XSOAR. Solve any security use case and scale your use of SOAR with turnkey content contributed by SecOps experts and the world’s largest security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) partner community.

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Check out the largest SOAR community in the world
Check out the largest SOAR community in the world

550+ prebuilt content packs
500+ product integrations

For a list of available integrations and featured content packs, check out our SOAR Ecosystem.

Deploy elegant automation solutions in a matter of clicks

Cortex XSOAR content packs are prebuilt bundles of integrations, playbooks, dashboards, fields, subscription services and all the dependencies needed to support specific security orchestration use cases (see Figure 1).

Subscription Services

Content service offerings

Dashboard Layouts

Curated dashboard views of specific data sets that support key security use cases, playbooks, and integrations

Automation Scripts

Prebuilt integrations with leading security products and technology vendors

Orchestration Playbooks

Prebuilt automated orchestration playbooks for simplified security investigation and response

Technology Integrations

Prebuilt actions that preform functions across the platform and the ecosystem of technology integrations
Figure 1: Content pack components (content packs include one or more of these content types)
  • Deploy packs with a single click to simplify and speed up the adoption of automation.
  • Cortex XSOAR is the only SOAR platform that verifies all free and paid third-party content in the marketplace to be safe for immediate use.
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Featured packs of the month

Each month, we feature two content packs and walk you through how you can use them to improve your security operations

Cortex XDR

The XDR integration with XSOAR simplifies workflows for repetitive XDR incidents. Gain powerful detection and response playbooks that natively integrate network, endpoint, and cloud data to stop sophisticated attacks. This content pack is available in the XSOAR Marketplace now!


Provides a complete end to end workflow by integrating Rubrik’s ransomware remediation and sensitive data classification into an automated playbook for managing ransomware attacks through XSOAR. Maximize your threat response with this powerful integration between Rubrik and Cortex XSOAR. This content pack is available in the XSOAR Marketplace now!

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Automated Attack Surface Management with Cortex XSOAR + Expanse

Expanse continuously scans the entire internet for all assets owned by a company, allowing an organization to assess vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis. Integrate the powerful insights from Expanse into your security orchestration playbooks.

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Turn Insight Into Action With Coralogix and Cortex XSOAR

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