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Healthcare and Cybersecurity: Take Action Now; Don’t Wait for a Master Plan

Healthcare is a great example of an industry that finds itself at the crossroads of much needed technology innovations and improved security.

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What Could The Next Ransomware Note Say? Let’s Learn from 2016

While ransomware threats are mostly an unknown entity to everyday consumers and Internet users, the widespread havoc these types of attacks have waged on healthcare organizations during 2016 started hitting a little too close to home. Ryan Olson weighs in on the maturation and and business model of ransomware.

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What the next president needs to do on cyber

With Election Day upon us, we are getting closer to ushering in a new administration in the White House. Significant progress on cybersecurity policy has been made in the past decade in both Republican- and Democrat-led administrations, and we look forward to the incoming administration making further strides in the next four years. Federal CSO John Davis provides recommendations for the next administration in Federal Computer Week.

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What Lies Ahead for Cybersecurity in 2017?

Russian advanced persistent threat group Sofacy has upped the ante in its campaign to compromise organizations with its “DealerWhat Lies Ahead for Cybersecurity in 2017?sChoice” Flash Player exploit tool, even after Adobe patched a zero-day Flash vulnerability that the tool was observed exploiting.

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Palo Alto Networks reforça necessidade de reavaliação da postura de SI

Arthur Capella, country manager da companhia, conta que frequência de ciberataques ao setor significa necessidade de rever modelos de proteção através de cada ponto na cadeia de valor.

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