At a Glance Automated Correlation Engine

Advanced attackers increasingly use targeted, stealthy, persistent methods to evade traditional security measures. Indicators of compromise (IoCs) don’t necessarily present themselves in one static location. Correlating IoCs from different security logs takes time and resources you cannot afford to spend. Palo Alto Networks® Automated Correlation Engine puts the power of our threat research at your fingertips by continuously scrutinizing isolated events across multiple logs and log types on the firewall and correlating indicators of compromise across your network, surfacing infections that, otherwise, may be overlooked.

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WildFire named a leader for Automated Malware Analysis

The Forrester Wave™: Automated Malware Analysis, Q2 2016 ranks WildFire as a leader in this space, through evaluation of its current offering, its market presence, and strategy.

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Sample SaaS Application Report

The SaaS Application Usage Report summarizes actionable insight into SaaS application use in your organization for the 7 days captured in this report. Unsanctioned SaaS applications are SaaS Applications not approved or monitored by your security organizations. Unsanctioned applications could present a risk to your organization.

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Cybersecurity For Dummies

Advanced threats have changed the world of enterprise security and how organizations are attacked. These threats, and the cybercriminals behind them, are experts at remaining hidden from traditional security while exhibiting an intelligence, resiliency, and patience that has never been seen before. Controlling these threats requires multiple security disciplines working together in context. Although no single solution will solve the problem of advanced threats on its own, next-generation cybersecurity provides the unique visibility and control of, and the true integration of, threat‐prevention disciplines needed to find and stop these threats — both known and unknown.

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Enable High Availability

With the emergence of an application-driven economy and the persistent risk of cyberattacks, enterprises large and small are finding it critical to maintain highly available and continuous next-generation security protection for their network infrastructure.

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