Panorama™ network security management minimizes the administrative efforts and operational costs associated with your deployment of our next-generation firewalls in multiple locations – whether internal or global.

Panorama empowers you with consolidated, simplified policy creation and management, solving the complexity of security deployments with efficient rule bases and unparalleled threat visibility. Below are some key enterprise-class management capabilities.

Reduction of Configuration Duplication and Errors

Template Stacks let you create and reuse templates during device and network configuration, reducing manual tasks.

Global Find enables you to search the entire configuration for a particular string, such as an IP address, object name, policy name, threat ID, or application name, helping you avoid the duplication of rules and configuration elements.

Firewall Configuration Import allows you to import existing or preproduction units into your network configuration with the click of a button.

Intuitive Network and Device Management

Device Group Hierarchies allow you to create nested device groups in a tree hierarchy, with lower-level groups inheriting the settings of higher-level groups. This enables you to organize devices based on function and location, without redundant configuration.

Management Access Segmentation lets you associate access domains with administrator roles to enforce information separation among the functional or regional areas of your organization. Define feature specific access to firewalls and Panorama, and provide access to ACC and reporting to give administrators more focus and context.

Administrator-based commits let you commit and revert changes that you made in a Panorama configuration independent of changes that other administrators have made. For example, you as the network administrator can implement, test and roll out an emergency change to the VPN configuration independently of the security administrator who may be making changes to the security rules at the same time.

Streamlined Policy Management

A single security rule base enables you to manage one set of security policies for all your URL filtering, threat prevention, and content filtering deployments.

The policy browser allows you to quickly create policies that include application-, user-, and traffic-specific threat prevention (IPS, antivirus, anti-spyware, etc.), eliminating the duplicate data entry common in other offerings.

A tag browser allows you to “tag” rules with common names (e.g., DMZ, perimeter, data center), so you can easily search and manage those rules as needed.



Network-Wide Visibility and Reporting

With the same look and feel as the next-generation firewall management interface and the ACC, Panorama gives you visibility into the applications, users and content traversing your devices, along with granular logging and reporting – all at both a global, and individual device level.

In addition to logging firewall traffic, Panorama collects logs from Traps advanced endpoint protection for more complete visibility and correlation. Traps log data can be viewed, accessed and correlated just like firewall logs, expanding the capabilities of Panorama beyond just next generation firewalls.

Learn more about the ACC.

Learn more about Logging and Reporting.


Panorama Datasheet 

Security deployments are complex and can overload IT teams with complex security rules and mountains of data from multiple sources. Panorama™ network security management empowers you with easy-to-implement, consolidated policy creation and centralized management features. Set up and control firewalls centrally with industry-leading functionality and an efficient rule base, and gain insight into network-wide traffic and threats.
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On-Demand Panorama Demo

Tour several of the most interesting capabilities of Panorama such as device and network setup, policy control, and visibility. Along the way you will learn how Panorama streamlines management of complex networks, sets powerful policies with a single security rule base, and displays actionable data across your entire configuration.
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Actionable Security Intelligence

This white paper describes how Palo Alto Network next-generation firewalls and Panorama help you get actionable security insights.
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Next-Generation Security Platform

To enable organisations to securely roll out new services and apps, Palo Alto Networks built the Next-Generation Security Platform to provide prevention through automation, applied consistently across the network, endpoint and cloud.
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Prevention-based Architecture Transformation Checklist

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Telkom Indonesia

Telkom Indonesia chose Palo Alto Networks to strengthen the security operations center as the company prepares for global expansion.
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