Logging and reporting are critical components in any security network. Being able to log all network activity in a logical, organized and easily segmented way makes logging its most valuable.

Located in the Monitor tab of the UI, we divide logging into: overall traffic, threat, URL, WildFire® threat analysis, data filter logging, and more to facilitate the organization of data. Plus, you can keep logs for individual firewalls or entire networks of firewalls.

Learn more about the ACC, Logging and Reporting Guide

WildFire Integration

WildFire log activity is easy to access from within the UI, and these logs keep sandbox analysis details. Administrators can access summaries and details with a few clicks of a button and get more detailed WildFire analysis information directly from the log viewer. Or, they can download it as a PDF and make it available to other users.

Logging of Non-Firewall Traffic

In addition to logging firewall traffic, Panorama™ network security management collects logs from Traps™ advanced endpoint protection for more complete visibility and correlation. Log data from Traps traffic can be viewed, accessed and correlated just like firewall logs, expanding the capabilities of Panorama beyond just next-generation firewalls.

Maps, Trends, and Integration with the ACC

Visual displays of log data go a long way toward making information more actionable. For this reason, our UI provides many maps and trend charts that help you to visualize the data and determine where you need to take action. Each interactive chart can link directly to the ACC too for a more detailed, contextual view of each data point.

User-Defined Custom Reports

Reporting on all network activity, including SaaS application usage, has to be user friendly, intuitive, and easy to share. Our UI meets all three of these requirements. In addition to using standard reports, network administrators can create custom reports based on their needs, and schedule, and download and share them with others in the organization with ease. Download a sample SaaS application usage report here.