Whether you need VPN to extend next-generation protection to data centers, cloud environments, branch offices, or your mobile workforce, we have you covered.

Our next-generation firewalls support standards-based IPsec VPN for site-to-site connections, as well as SSL/IPsec VPN using GlobalProtect™ mobile security for users on laptops, smartphones and tablets. 

Site-to-Site IPsec VPN

Extend your network with secure communication over public networks, using standards-based IPsec VPN connections.

The next-generation firewall supports site-to-site tunnels over IPv4/IPv6 and also supports IKEv1/IKEv2 to ensure maximum compatibility. For multiple connection sites, ECMP can provide additional redundancy and cost-efficiency by balancing sessions over available Internet connections.

Large-Scale VPN

Easily extend your network with protection for branch offices and retail stores around the globe. Large-scale VPN simplifies the process for deploying a hub and spoke VPN topology with branch firewalls by setting up connections with minimal effort. In addition, large-scale VPN can be used for deploying Aruba Networks Cloud Services Controller to branch environments as well.

GlobalProtect for Safely Enabling the Mobile Workforce

GlobalProtect delivers the protection of the Next-Generation Security Platform to the mobile workforce, no matter where its members may go.

GlobalProtect establishes an SSL/IPsec VPN tunnel from a laptop, smartphone or tablet to the optimal next-generation firewall, thus providing visibility and consistent enforcement of security policy for continuous protection from known and unknown threats.