Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Enforce permissions and secure identities across workloads and clouds

Limited visibility and inconsistent entitlements across dynamic cloud resources increases complexity and challenges security teams' ability to ensure least-privileged access.

The need for Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Cloud adoption continues to grow rapidly. As resources are often created and spun down in a matter of hours or even minutes, a challenging reality has emerged for security teams – entitlement management is complicated and difficult to get right.

Centrally manage identities and govern access across clouds

Prisma™ Cloud continuously detects and automatically remediates identity and access risks across IaaS and PaaS offerings, discovers all human and machine identities across cloud environments, and then analyzes entitlements, roles and policies. Combining CSPM capabilities like full stack visibility and compliance with IAM-specific controls plus user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), it's easy to enforce least-privileged access at scale, even in highly distributed cloud environments.

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How Prisma Cloud can help

Explore Our Approach to Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Prisma Cloud

Permissions Visibility

Prisma™ Cloud provides comprehensive visibility into excessive and unused privileges across accounts. It enables users to query all relevant identity access management (IAM) entities, including the relationships among entities.
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Prisma Cloud

IAM Governance

Prisma Cloud includes pre-built IAM policies to immediately enforce security best practices and create reports on any compliance issues.
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Prisma Cloud

Automated Response

Prisma Cloud automatically calculates effective permissions to resources and adjusts IAM permissions to mitigate risk.
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User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Prisma Cloud can analyze millions of audit events, and then use machine learning to detect anomalous activities that could signal account compromises, insider threats, stolen access keys and other potentially malicious user activities.
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Explore our IAM Security Module

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IAM Security

  • Secure cloud resources by establishing least-privileged identity access

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