5 Must Haves for Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms

Secure cloud native applications across the full application lifecycle.

Breaking the Divide in Cloud Native Security

With the prevalence of large-scale cloud native deployments, adapting a more modern, agile and integrated cybersecurity approach is mission critical.

As noted by Gartner, rather than treat development and runtime as separate problems — secured and scanned with a collection of separate tools — enterprises should treat security and compliance as a continuum across development and operations, plus seek to consolidate tools where possible.

Enter Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP), a category coined by Gartner and defined in the 2021 Innovation Insight for Cloud-Native Application Protect Platforms report as “an integrated set of security and compliance capabilities designed to help secure and protect cloud native applications across development and production.”

How CNAPP Works

CNAPP removes the gaps in visibility and integration complexities, optimizing observability across enterprise workloads. By shifting security left to development, it also:

  • Reduces the risk of breaches and regulatory penalties
  • Lowers the total cost of fixing vulnerable applications
  • Helps DevSec Ops teams deliver secure cloud native applications, faster

Gartner Market Guide for Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms

5 Must Haves for CNAPP

Prisma Cloud is the Industry’s Most Complete CNAPP

Achieve cloud compliance, detect and prevent vulnerabilities, and secure running applications with the industry’s only comprehensive Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). With support for hosts, containers and Kubernetes®, and serverless functions, Prisma Cloud protects all your modern applications.
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“Prisma Cloud helped us to start raising alerts and vulnerabilities... We were able to help a team that was totally vulnerable to have a security solution.”

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“Prisma Cloud provides risk clarity across the entire pipeline, showing issues as they are resolved... We have been able to detect things faster and remedy them faster.”

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“I liked how simple the console was and how simple the API was... The API documentation was also very good, so it was easy to scale. You could automate pretty much everything.”

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The Prisma Cloud Difference

The power and advantage of the Prisma Cloud platform are in its simplified onboarding, correlated alerting and joint use cases. By combining visibility and remediation of the posture of your cloud infrastructure with the vulnerability exposure and protection of your hosts and containers, you gain complete coverage for your cloud native environment.
Prisma Cloud gives security teams the flexibility to expand use cases all within a single solution and managed from a single dashboard. It's the industry’s only CNAPP to offer both agentless and agent-based security built into the same platform. Prisma Cloud provides the coverage needed to keep up with today’s ephemeral, containerized and serverless environments.
With Prisma Cloud, DevOps teams can deliver complete security across the development lifecycle on any cloud and implement methodologies with security tools integrated within their CI/CD workflows. In addition, its automated infrastructure decreases attack risks, accelerates time to market, and reduces the burdens on compliance teams.

Tested, Trusted and Proven ROI

Forrester: The Total Economic Impact of Prisma Cloud, June 2021

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