Network visibility and advanced threat prevention
Network protection must be adapted for cloud native environments while still enforcing consistent policies across hybrid environments. Prisma Cloud detects and prevents network anomalies by enforcing container-level microsegmentation, inspecting traffic flow logs and leveraging advanced layer 7 threat protection.
Understand what needs to be protected
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Network protection the cloud native way
Network visibility & anomaly detection Ingest network traffic flow logs from multiple sources, and gain deep visibility into network behavior to detect and prevent anomalies.
Identity-based microsegmentation Enforce cloud native microsegmentation at the container and host levels with layer 4 and layer 7 distributed firewalls. Segment cloud networks and deploy policies based on logical workload and application identities, rather than dynamic IP addresses.
Cloud native firewalling Automatically model traffic flows between microservices, and dynamically create filters that allow valid connections and drop suspicious ones. Protect networks with layer 4 and layer 7 security capabilities, such as DNS security and URL filtering.
Complete cloud native security
Comprehensive cloud native security across the full lifecycle, in and across any cloud.
Visibility, governance & compliance Understand cloud environments, maintain compliance and enforce guardrails.
Compute security Secure containers, hosts and functions across the application cycle.
Identity security Manage and secure identity across workloads, users and cloud services.