VM-SERIES ON AZUREAdopt stronger cyber defenses as you migrate to Azure

Protect your workloads from threats while you protect your business from disruption

The VM-Series® on Microsoft® Azure® is a virtualized next-generation firewall you can embed into your Azure application development and production workloads for added dimensions of threat protection.

Accelerate your Azure migration by strengthening security.  

The adoption of public clouds is accelerating, but so is the threat level to your applications and data. Complement the built-in security features of Azure with VM-Series firewalls, and safely extend your application development and production workloads to the public cloud.  

Complete Visibility

Use the application identity to get the visibility you need to dramatically reduce your threat footprint

Threat Prevention

Application-specific Threat Prevention policies automatically block multiple phases of an attack.

Prevent zero-day exploits and malware.

WildFire® cloud-based threat analysis service uniquely combines dynamic and static analysis, innovative machine learning techniques and a groundbreaking bare-metal analysis environment to detect and prevent even the most evasive threats.

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Stop data exfiltration.

Prevent data exfiltration by controlling the applications that can transfer files and limiting the use of the file transfer function. Threat Prevention policies can then be applied to prevent command-and-control activity from being used to deliver secondary payloads, provide next-step attack instructions or exfiltrate data.

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Continuously improve prevention.

Detailed logs of all threats aren’t merely housed within the same management interface; they’re shared between all prevention mechanisms to provide context and continually improve protection to stay ahead of attackers. Threat behaviors WildFire observes help improve other prevention capabilities over time.

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Automated Deployment

Embedding the VM-Series into your development process helps security keep pace with the cloud.

Scalability & Resilience

Support your development teams with advanced security features and managed scalability.

Scale security to address workload demands.

Integration with the Azure Application Gateway and Load Balancer lets you deploy an architecture that enables the VM-Series to scale in a managed manner that addresses workload demands.

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Enable cloud-centric high availability.

Azure Availability Sets, combined with Azure Application Gateway and Load Balancer integration, enable you to achieve cloud-centric high availability to maximize business-critical application uptime.

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