Hunt down attacks quickly with cloud-delivered analytics and machine learning.

Transform the way you detect
and root out attackers in your network

Magnifier behavioral analytics applies machine learning at cloud scale to rich network, endpoint and cloud data, so you can quickly find and stop targeted attacks, insider abuse and compromised endpoints.


Detect, investigate and respond at lightning speed

Automatically detect in-progress attacks

Magnifier uncovers the actions attackers cannot conceal, by profiling user and device behavior and identifying anomalies that indicate active attacks. By integrating rich metadata collected from the Next-Generation Security Platform with attack detection algorithms, Magnifier allows you to detect post-intrusion activity with precision.

Accelerate investigations

Magnifier produces a small number of accurate alerts with user, application and device context, helping you expedite investigations. To confirm threats, Magnifier automatically interrogates endpoints to find the executable that initiated an attack. WildFire® cloud-based threat analysis determines if the executable is malicious.

Shut down threats quickly

Your security team can block compromised devices and restrict access to malicious sites with Palo Alto Networks® next-generation firewalls. Swift remediation enables your security analysts to stop attacks before the damage is done, turning your analysts into heroes.

Ease deployment and streamline management

Log all the data you need without compromise

Magnifier leverages Palo Alto Networks Logging Service for efficient, scalable cloud-based log storage. It provides an operationally efficient and cost-effective way to store the large volumes of data needed for behavioral analytics.

Outpace attackers with cloud agility

Harnessing the cloud, Palo Alto Networks can release new detection algorithms to all users at once, quickly receive feedback and adjust detection algorithms as needed. Magnifier’s cloud-based architecture enables rapid innovation and ensures you stay one step ahead of attackers.

Provision effortlessly from the Cloud Services Portal

Since Magnifier runs as an application on the Application Framework, you can deploy it quickly from the Cloud Services Portal. You can also instantly take advantage of data in Logging Service as well as threat intelligence, threat analysis, and more.

Gain full context to verify attacks quickly

Stop the threats that lead to
costly breaches

Targeted Attacks

Magnifier detects the anomalous activities that attackers carry out as they move around the network looking for valuable data.

Malicious Insiders

By profiling behavior, Magnifier identifies behavioral anomalies, such as internal reconnaissance and credential abuse, to spot attacks.

Risky Behavior

Magnifier allows your organization to follow security best practices by monitoring user activity and identifying risky behavior.

Compromised Endpoints

Magnifier detects malware behavior and confirms infections using Pathfinder endpoint analysis and WildFire threat analysis services.

Realize the power of the Application Framework

Magnifier is part of the Palo Alto Networks Application Framework, which lets you quickly consume the latest cybersecurity innovations as apps. The Application Framework makes it easy to adopt cloud-delivered capabilities like Magnifier – so you can gain immediate security value, and spend less time provisioning and managing infrastructure.


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