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As the world's largest cybersecurity company, we deliver next-gen cybersecurity today, protecting millions of remote workers.


Securing your remote workforce

How to go from 20% to 100% remote overnight with Prisma™ Access and GlobalProtect

See how next-gen technology impacts cybersecurity:

Best-in-class security

Benefit from best-in-class security and networking services for all applications

Global Secure Access

Our cloud-delivered, tier-one network enables secure access from anywhere, eliminating disjointed tools

Scale without compromise

Ensure business continuity and rapidly scale a secure remote workforce

Inconsistent Security

Inconsistent security policies and lack of coverage and context for sharing threat intelligence between products

Inefficient Access

Poor operational models and inefficiencies caused by working with multiple vendors

Limited Scalability

Lack of secure, scalable ways to enable a remote workforce and a dependence on adding hardware for capacity

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Remote security, together as one

Get best-in-class orchestration and automation capabilities with Cortex™ XSOAR.

See how next-gen technology impacts cybersecurity:

Complete Visibility

Gain complete visibility into all key security metrics with confidence

Remote Collaboration

Empower your team to virtually collaborate on investigations in real-time


Automate and standardize any security process to save time and reduce human error

Fragmented Visibility

Visibility and reporting is fragmented across point products, each with an incomplete view

Limited Collaboration

Investigations require multiple analysts working together in the same room

Manual Process

Manual, repetitive processes are tedious, resulting in analyst attrition and lack of resources

Experience the benefits of security automation, case management, real-time collaboration and native Threat Intel Management

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Exclusive Resources for Continued Remote Work

Get actionable recommendations from industry experts, researchers and advisors on securing remote workforce in today’s changing digital landscape.

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Palo Alto Networks is the world's largest cybersecurity company, based on publicly reported revenue figures, and market share. Source: Revenue: Publicly available 10Q & 10K financial statements Market Share: Enterprise Network Equipment by Market Segment, Worldwide, 4Q19, 20 March 2020