Remote is our reality

We want to ensure your employees can work securely from everywhere, now and in the future.
Ashok Belani, EVP Schlumberger New Energy

Palo Alto Networks...extends the Schlumberger facility into our homes, and makes me feel secure in the work that I am doing.

Friedrich Wetschnig, CISO Flex

We scaled down our project plan from six months to basically five days. That was a tremendous experience because I saw what you can achieve if you choose the right partners.


80,000+ remote users secured


Deploy, scale and protect a global workforce


When 2020 brought a surge in remote work, we all had to think on our feet. Now that we’ve adapted, working from everywhere is here to stay. See how our cybersecurity can help you support your remote workforce for the long term.

Simplify your remote security

Shifting to a long-term view of remote work can take…well, work. The right cybersecurity can make it easier.

What’s your biggest cybersecurity challenge?

Risk of breach

Lower risks and boost innovation within your teams

With security that goes beyond web-based apps, you can worry less about a potential breach and focus on what’s next.

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  • 53%
    of remote threats are for non-web apps
  • 45%*
    lower risk of data breach with our solution *2020 Forrester TEI

Managing complexity

Working from everywhere can get complicated

More security coverage in a single cloud-delivered platform means remote employees stay secure, making the most of their time and yours.

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managing complexity
  • 4.3M
    security updates per day
  • 24.5x
    the number of updates of our nearest competitor

User experience

Make the secure office experience extend to anywhere

Lessen end-user frustrations by providing an in-office digital experience, no matter where your employees work from.

See what Prisma Access can do
user experience
  • 10x more
    network throughput per tunnel
  • 10x better
    performance SLAs than the closest competition

Help your employees feel
more secure

Explore the 10 Tenets of an Effective SASE Solution

Find out how a single cloud-delivered SASE solution can reduce complexity, scale rapidly, streamline resources and enforce consistent security throughout your remote workforce.

feel more secure
How to work from
everywhere securely

Worried about what moving your security to the cloud means for you and your employees?

Find out how we make it simple.

The Prisma Access Difference
The Prisma Access Difference

Offering the industry’s most complete cloud-delivered security, Prisma Access goes further than any other platform. See what it can do for your remote workforce.