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Security Lifecycle Review Privacy

The purpose of this document is to help Palo Alto Networks® customers assess the impact of the Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) app on their overall privacy posture.
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Security Lifecycle Review

Security Lifecycle Review
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Unit 42 Threat Landscape Review

Today’s cyber attackers utilize an increasingly sophisticated set of evasion tactics. Disjointed techniques and a fragmented security approach leave enterprises prone to risk. The volume of attacks is rising, applying strain on a limited population of security specialists. It is essential that defenders and security specialists understand the trends and distributions in the attack landscape. This paper takes a survey of the Palo Alto Networks Threat Data generated across the customer base.
Palo Alto Networks, Santa Clara, CA
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Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) on the App Framework

Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) is a cloud-based application that analyzes the network traffic and reports on the business and security risks facing an organization to provide visibility into the network. SLR leverages the Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewall logs Cortex Data Lake data to identify the applications and threats exposing vulnerabilities in an organization’s security’s posture.
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First Half of 2014 Cyber Security Review - Japanese Webinar

7月と8月に上半期のセキュリティ市場の振り返りのWebセミナーを実施しました。 実際の被害例をあげて実施したため、参加者の方に高評価されるセミナーとなりました。
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Threat Review Series: What the Enterprise Can Learn From WikiLeaks

The WikiLeaks saga has captured attention world-wide, with the majority of analysis focused on the actual leaked content. Yet while WikiLeaks is certainly the most high-profile breach in recent memory, the techniques used to exfiltrate and hide information are directly applicable to enterprises today. In this session we will summarize the key lessons of WikiLeaks and how security managers can protect their networks today.
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Animation and Visual Effects Studio Animal Logic Brings Creativity to Life With Secure Access to Network and Cloud Resources

You know those mischievous bunnies in the movie “Peter Rabbit”? How about the heroic minifigs in “The LEGO Movie” or the fighting owls in “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole”? Maybe the prancing penguins in “Happy Feet” had you dancing. Or perhaps “Alien: Covenant,” “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” or “The Great Wall” had you on the edge of your seat. If you’ve been amazed by the breathtaking visuals, compelling characters or memorable performances in any of these films, you can thank the creative wizardry of Animal Logic.
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Threat Landscape Review

Unit 42's Threat Landscape Review examines data from WildFire™, a key component of the Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence cloud, to identify how organizations in different industries are targeted and affected by malware.
Palo Alto Networks, Santa Clara, CA
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Threat Review Series: Zeus and the Rise of the Banking Bots

In this edition of the threat review, we will follow the money with a dive into the world of banking malware and its growth into one of the most popular and lucrative avenues for professional hackers. We will take a closer look at Zeus, how it has evolved over time, and spawned a new generation of financial botnets that promise to cause even more damage. As always, we will cover the skills and intelligence you will need in order to protect your networks from these rapidly evolving threats.
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Next-Generation Security Platform Datasheet

Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform helps enterprises, service providers and governments with a prevention-first approach to cybersecurity.
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KPIT Technologies Adopts Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform to Enable “Smart Enterprise”

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – September 6, 2018 – Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW), the global cybersecurity leader, today announced that KPIT has transformed its approach to cybersecurity by deploying Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform, including its firewalls and network security management.
Santa Clara, CA
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Comparing the VM-Series and Security Groups

A quick review of the shared responsibilities model and how the VM-Series complements native public cloud security features such as Security Groups and Web application firewalls.
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Implementing 5G Security: Priorities and Preferences

Read this white paper to get key findings from the 2019 Heavy Reading service provider survey on implementing 5G security.
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Uk Cabinet Office Uses Global Protect Provides Workforce Security and Flexibility With Their Mobility

The UK Cabinet Office Technology Transformation programme was established to replace an end-of-life outsourced IT service. The aim of the programme is to enable modern flexible ways of working and to provide civil servants with technology at least as good as they have at home.
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Web Security Wish List for Effective Network Protection

Learn how a next-generation web security solution can deliver what legacy, proxy-based alternatives don’t. Watch this webinar as your first step to making your network more secure and your life easier.
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Three Steps to Automating Security in the Cloud

The brief highlights a three-phased approach to automating security across multi-cloud environments.
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VMware, Palo Alto Networks to Roll Out Cloud Security Platform

VMware and Palo Alto Networks are co-developing a network security tool to monitor intra-server traffic between virtual machines, the Virtualization Review reported Monday. Christa Ayer writes the new cloud tool will be designed to help manage east-west traffic of software-defined data centers. The companies aim to VMware’s NSX virtualized network platform and Palo Alto network security tool and Panorama centralized management software.
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SOC 2030: Security Operations Centers are broken, let’s fix them

Read this comprehensive article from Palo Alto Network and © Henry Stewart Publication* to learn more about what shifts need to be made.
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University of Westminster Upgrades Network Security to Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks' PA-5050 Next-Generation Firewalls Increase Application Visibility and Control and Make Application Usage Secure for the University Of Westminster
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How The Next-Generation Security Platform Contributes to GDPR Compliance

Cybersecurity is an essential investment to protect personal data and comply with the GDPR. The vast majority of GDPR requirements center around data management, namely data collecting and processing.
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Network Security

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loT & Security

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How to maintain security while employees are out of the office for the holidays

The downtime created by the holiday season is a fan favorite for enterprise employees and hackers alike. As workers are enjoying time away from the office for vacations or working remotely, hackers are viewing this slow down as an optimal time to attack corporate systems. To avoid having your organization turn into this holiday’s victim, security professionals provide tips for IT managers to protect corporate data, as well as share recommendations for using the slower cycles to test security systems.
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5G Security - Establishing a holistic security approach

Security is more important than ever for Service Providers evolving networks to 5G. New approaches for securing their networks will be needed.
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