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SANS: Enabling Social Networking Applications for Enterprise Usage

This whitepaper, written by a SANS analyst, provides the latest research regarding social networking applications, explains the benefits and risks they bring to corporate networks, and provides a recommendation for defining a secure social networking policy.
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Thwarting APTs: Threat Visibility for Government Networks

Read about the Palo Alto Networks enterprise security platform, which prevents all known file types from traversing government networks in-line.
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Defense in Depth: 5 Imperatives for Governments to Defeat APTs

Defense in Depth does not mean more security tools. The key to thwarting advanced attacks in today’s government networks is to reduce the attack surface to increase visibility to what matters: the anomalies in your network, across the kill chain.
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Cybersecurity Imperatives in Financial Services

Read how financial institutions around the world can minimize risks presented by cybercriminals.
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Palo Alto Networks & Splunk: Combining Next-generation Solutions to Defeat Advanced Threats

Read how Palo Alto Networks strategic partnership with Splunk offers joint customers better, risk-informed decision-making.
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Traps PCI Compliance

The theft of credit card data continues to grow at an alarming rate. It is costly to credit card companies and merchants, and it undermines consumer confidence. The Payment Card Industry has developed the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which includes 12 requirements for protecting cardholder data. Despite substantial investments made in securing their networks, organizations are realizing that being PCI compliant does not mean an enterprise is protected against advanced cyberattacks.
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