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Defeating APTs in Government Networks

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) represent a unique threat to government data. APTs are increasingly formidable and ferocious. Agencies can no longer depend on virus scanning software. They can no longer simply patrol their digital perimeter. Adversaries lurk until they can sneak undetected past traditional security measures to infiltrate networks – and the problem is growing worse.

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The Results of the 2014 Advanced Persistent Threats Survey Bring Home a Stark Reality

Read this report from the 2014 Advanced Persistent Threats Survey to learn where organizations are seeing the most impact from APT and where they are vulnerable.

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We Know It Before You Do: Predicting Malicious Domains

In this paper, we propose a system for predicting the domains that are most likely to be used, or are about to be used, as malicious domains.

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Modern Malware For Dummies

This book uncovers modern strategies and specific actions to regain control over today's malware.

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Network Security for Mobile Users

This white paper highlights the challenges you face when users are off-network, and how GlobalProtect can help address those challenges.

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Securosis: Understanding and Selecting an Enterprise Firewall

This Securosis whitepaper analyzes the disruption happening at the enterprise perimeter, the various technical architectures capable of addressing the new requirements, and deployment considerations for optimal security, availability, and performance. The whitepaper also guides you through advanced firewall features such as IPS, content filtering, and anti-malware.

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Re-Inventing Network Security

Find out how we're reinventing network security to allow enterprises to safely enable modern applications without taking on unnecessary risks.

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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls

Palo Alto Networks was recognized as a leader. And according to Gartner, vendors in the leaders quadrant "lead the market in offering new safeguarding features, providing expert capability, rather than treating the firewall as a commodity, and having a good track record of avoiding vulnerabilities in their security products."

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Preventing Data Leaks at the Firewall

This paper discusses the problems organizations face trying to identify and prevent data leakage, the shortfalls of DLP technology and Palo Alto Networks solution.

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Palo Alto Networks to Protect Microsoft SharePoint Deployments

Learn how Palo Alto Networks can help IT managers detect and control Microsoft SharePoint deployments.

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Securing FlexPod Deployments with Next-Generation Firewalls

Read how a secure VMWare-on-FlexPod architecture with Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall lets enterprises quickly deploy a secure infrastructure stack.

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The Future of Intrusion Prevention

Learn why Gartner believes the future of Intrusion Prevention (IPS) is a next-generation firewall.

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SANS: Enabling Social Networking Applications for Enterprise Usage

This whitepaper, written by a SANS analyst, provides the latest research regarding social networking applications, explains the benefits and risks they bring to corporate networks, and provides a recommendation for defining a secure social networking policy.

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Gartner Research: Defining the Next-Generation Firewall

Provides an analyst's perspective on the evolving threats driving enterprises to consider next-generation firewalls. Report includes definition, market analysis, and recommendations.

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5 Keys to Preventing Advanced Attacks

This paper describes some of the most important criteria to consider when architecting your defenses against advanced attacks and modern malware.

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IANS: Impact of Web 2.0 on the Enterprise

IANS, a leading research company focused on information security, just published their risk assessment of adopting Web 2.0 technologies in the enterprise.

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Controlling Botnets with the Next-Generation Firewall

We dig into the details of how botnets work, and introduce the unique role the next-generation firewall plays in controlling these types of threats.

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Connected Governments and Agile Militaries: Meeting the Security Requirements of Today’s Evolving Governments

Governments around the world are undergoing change. Whether reducing their data center footprints, virtualizing existing services to reduce costs and “go green”, or advancing security to thwart today’s advanced attacks in the field or at home, governments have different requirements of their cybersecurity solutions today. Palo Alto Networks® provides some of today’s most innovative, advanced, and flexible cybersecurity options available to meet today’s government requirements.

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Defense in Depth: 5 Imperatives for Governments to Defeat APTs

Defense in Depth does not mean more security tools. The key to thwarting advanced attacks in today’s government networks is to reduce the attack surface to increase visibility to what matters: the anomalies in your network, across the kill chain.

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Thwarting APTs: Threat Visibility for Government Networks

Read about the Palo Alto Networks enterprise security platform, which prevents all known file types from traversing government networks in-line.

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Security Operations Centers: Keeping a Trusted Eye On Today’s Government Networks

This white paper describes a structured approach toward the formation of a government security operations center (SOC) that enables organizations to integrate this capability into their overall Information Security Management System (ISMS) and align with many of the requirements introduced by ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

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Killing Advanced Threats in Their Tracks: An Intelligent Approach to Attack Prevention

This paper explains the many steps in the kill chain, along with how to detect unknown attacks by integrating intelligence into sensors and management consoles.

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Cybersecurity Imperatives in Financial Services

Read how financial institutions around the world can minimize risks presented by cybercriminals.

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Palo Alto Networks & Splunk: Combining Next-generation Solutions to Defeat Advanced Threats

Read how Palo Alto Networks strategic partnership with Splunk offers joint customers better, risk-informed decision-making.

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Traps PCI Compliance

The theft of credit card data continues to grow at an alarming rate. It is costly to credit card companies and merchants, and it undermines consumer confidence. The Payment Card Industry has developed the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which includes 12 requirements for protecting cardholder data. Despite substantial investments made in securing their networks, organizations are realizing that being PCI compliant does not mean an enterprise is protected against advanced cyberattacks.

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Next-Generation Firewalls – Restoring Effectiveness Through Application Visibility and Control

This paper explores a combination of ongoing and emerging factors that are exposing a variety of deficiencies with current firewall designs. These issues and flaws are then used to establish the criteria that define the ideal solution: a next-generation firewall that incorporates application inspection at its core.

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Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection Named a Gartner Visionary

Gartner has recognized Traps advanced endpoint protection as a Visionary among endpoint security products. Read the full report.

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Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection Named a Strong Performer by Forrester Research

Traps Advanced Endpoint Protection offering was recognized by Forrester Research as a Strong Performer among endpoint security suite providers. Read the report.

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