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Detect or Prevent?

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Next-Generation Security Platform for the Manufacturing Industry

From cookies and kettles to cars and commercial jets, the manufacturing industry produces goods for consumers, enterprises, and industrial applications. To improve efficiency and get quality products into the hands of customers sooner, manufacturers must communicate effectively with suppliers, partners, and service providers, and ensure the integrity of the manufacturing plant and processes. The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform provides the scalability and performance needed to address the most diverse and complex network demands with the security and visibility required to stand up to today’s threat landscape.

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Securing IT Infrastructure: High Tech

Whether they are developing hardware, software, or online services, high tech companies are immersed in data. Teams around the globe develop and update software. Hardware designs are sent to third-party manufacturers for production. Online services, such as user forums, e-commerce, social networks, and software-as-a-service, collect reams of customer data. All of this is done via the Internet, which improves flexibility while increasing risks. The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Enterprise Security Platform is the solution of choice for many modern high tech companies, ensuring the safety of intellectual property, monitoring the proper usage of networks, data, and applications, and protecting vulnerable endpoints.

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Next-Generation Security Platform for the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is the largest industry in the world. Hundreds of global enterprises are involved in exploring, extracting, refining, and transporting oil and gas products. The Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform is the solution of choice for global oil and gas conglomerates today, ensuring the safety of intellectual property, monitoring and reporting the proper usage of networks, data, and applications, and protecting vulnerable endpoints.

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You Can Have It All: Transforming Data Center Security

You’ve heard about software-defined datacenters, but what does that mean for security? Come to one of our upcoming seminars to hear our latest innovations and get exclusive insights on VMware NSX and Palo Alto Networks Enterprise Security Platform integration. Seminar highlights:

Palo Alto Networks,
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The Cybersecurity Content You Can’t Afford to Miss

It’s a tall order: keep your enterprise computing environment secure while enabling applications, all without disruption to the daily flow of business. That’s why our mission at the Ignite Conference is to empower enterprise security professionals with the critical knowledge necessary for protecting and preventing known and unknown threats. Read on for more about the cybersecurity curriculum you’ll find only at Ignite, and visit the Ignite website to register today.

Brittany Stagnaro,
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Examining the Cybercrime Underground, Part 1: Crypters

This post is the first in a new series titled Examining the Cybercrime Underground. Each post will delve into different aspects of how cybercriminals operate, using current examples of tools and techniques. What are their tools of the trade? How do they get them? How do they overcome challenges posed by security and anti-fraud systems? How do criminals profit from scams and turn stolen data into cash? Answering these questions will help readers better understand one of their primary cyberadversaries and use that knowledge to better protect their networks. What is a crypter? Crypters …

Tomer Bar,
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How to fight ransomware

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Have You Seen the Latest Threat Intelligence Research from Unit 42?

Unit 42, the Palo Alto Networks threat intelligence team, gathers, researches and analyzes up-to-the-minute threat data, sharing insights with Palo Alto Networks customers, partners and and the broader community to better protect enterprises and governments from advanced threats.

Palo Alto Networks,
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Top priority for CIOs: being safe

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Avoiding Cyber-Attacks like Carbanak

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Moving Beyond Proxies

In this webinar, we highlight the shortcomings of proxies, and showcase how a next-generation security platform can provide faster, simpler and more comprehensive security.

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Don’t Fight the Good Fight Alone – Join Fuel Today

The Palo Alto Networks Fuel User Group (Fuel) launched last week, and members are already kicking off security discussions within the community. Fuel is made up of professionals who are responsible for securing information and critical infrastructure, and it serves as a hub for members to share information and collaborate.   Fuel’s Board of Directors contains a wealth of collective knowledge on cybersecurity, and drives the community to provide an engaging and information filled environment where members can collaborate and learn.

Megan Scofield,
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Help Shape Security in 2015 and Connect with Industry Leaders

Palo Alto Networks is hosting an Executive Roundtable Breakfast, led by CSO Rick Howard, on February 25 in Santa Clara. Here’s your chance to connect with CSOs and industry leaders on a range of topics, including:

Chad Berndtson,
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Controlling Modern Malware

Today's networks are under attack from a new breed of threats and malware. These threats are highly evasive, capable of persisting in your network for long periods of time, and skilled at avoiding traditional antivirus and IPS technologies. This paper provides background on these challenges and introduces WildFire: Palo Alto Networks new solution to detect and stop targeted and unknown threats attacking your network.

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Cyberattacks, Health Insurance, and Your Personal Data

When cybercriminals get your credit card information or financial data, the topic of cybersecurity hits really close to home, but the topic will never feel as personal as when hackers get to your health records and medical data. As one of the largest breaches in the health insurance world continues to unfold in front of us, we’re learning all over again why hackers are so interested in healthcare payers. Payers – aka healthcare insurance companies – are like a treasure chest for cybercriminals, as they handle not just your social …

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Big Data and the Security Employment Shortage: You Can Do More With Less in a Meaningful Way

“How do you eat an elephant?” “One bite at a time!” Remember the old saying? It holds true. But what if the elephant grows every time you take a bite, as is the case in today’s IT and security world? Every time a data analyst takes a bite out of big data, more data appears, resulting in complete overload of information to the point where analysis paralysis sets in. Data from network operations, data from your firewalls, data from your mobile security solution, data from endpoints… it all keeps streaming …

Joerg Sieber,
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Doing Our Part for Public Sector Cybersecurity

With our data-driven culture, data must be and is everywhere. But public sector networks that secure this government information are being targeted by cyber criminals, terrorists and nation states. Cyber threats are growing against government IT and control systems running critical infrastructure and sensors, and the sense of urgency is real. It’s vital to our way of life and livelihoods that governments are able to keeps these systems secured. At Palo Alto Networks, we continue to contribute to these efforts by creating the Palo Alto Networks Public Sector Advisory Council …

Chad Berndtson,
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Alliance for more IT security

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Barracuda, ReversingLabs, Telefónica and Zscaler Join Cyber Threat Alliance as Contributing Members

Santa Clara, Calif., February 13, 2015 – Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT), McAfee Labs, Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW) and Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC), co-founders of the industry’s first cyber threat alliance, today announced that Barracuda Networks, Inc. (NYSE: CUDA), ReversingLabs, Telefónica, and Zscaler have joined the Cyber Threat Alliance in its efforts to make united progress in the fight against sophisticated cyber adversaries.

Santa Clara, CA
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Still Time to Vote for the Cybersecurity Canon

Have you had a chance to vote in this year’s poll to help us choose what books should join the Cybersecurity Canon?

Chad Berndtson,
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