Prevent attacks and reduce risks to customers

A smarter approach for MSSPs

The demand for managed security services is surging. So are security products and vendors. MSSPs are challenged to deliver simplified offers, which requires them to stitch together insights from many disconnected sources. This results in higher risk for enterprise customers and higher operating costs for MSSPs in the face of growing security threats. A new approach is needed.

Palo Alto Networks® enables you to simplify and automate security operations and prevent successful cyberattacks. Leverage our brand, expertise and industry-leading customer loyalty to improve your customer satisfaction levels.


Automate security operations with a single platform

Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform enables MSSPs to deliver strong and consistent security to enterprise customers across all their various deployment models. The Security Operating Platform combines unprecedented visibility into data and traffic with advanced analytics and automation to take operational efficiency to a whole new level. It empowers MSSPs to continually and efficiently improve security effectiveness for customers and accelerate the deployment of new security services.


Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform


Platform Advantages

Market-leading security for your customers

Leverage the brand and expertise of Palo Alto Networks, the market-leading enterprise security company, to deliver differentiated security services for your customers.

Solution brief

A Smarter Approach for MSSPs

The MSSP Engagement Framework accelerates your customers transition to managed services, while simplifying and automating security operations with best-of-breed technologies, all on a single platform.


Expand markets and revenue

The platform supports all enterprise deployment scenarios, including cloud, mobile and network – so you can profitably grow your managed security business.

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