Digital Learning

Comprehensive, flexible, self-paced, digital learning

Our digital learning courses provide the same materials as our live lectures with the additional flexibility of being self-paced, while avoiding the costs and inconvenience of travel.


Library of free, on-demand courses

Students can learn at their own pace and take assessments to check their understanding of the material.


Network Security

Prisma – Cloud Security

Cortex – SOC Security

Tools and Utilities


  • Enrollment allows learners to prepare for instructor-led training.
  • Serves as a refresher course available for learners to review learning material.
  • Self-paced, On-demand training options are available for remote learners who cannot attend an instructor-led training.
  • Knowledge Check quizzes within digital learning courses help validate Learners’ comprehension and progress.
  • Learners can download hands-on lab exercises to their local environments. 
  • Legacy course resources serve as guide to those who have not upgraded to the latest product version.