Digital Learning

Fundamentals of Network Security

2 Hours

After you complete this training, you should be able to:

  • Describe basic operations of enterprise networks, common networking devices, routed and routing protocols, network types and topologies, and services such as DNS
  • Explain IP addressing, subnetting, and packet encapsulation based on the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model
  • Describe network security technologies such as packet filtering, stateful inspection, application firewalls, and IDS, IPS, and web-content filters
  • Explain how to explore endpoint and mobile device security using technology such as personal firewalls, host-based IPS, and management features
  • Describe how to properly secure enterprise networks through PAN-OS deployment templates and migration options and DNS, URL Filtering, Threat Prevention, and WildFire® subscription services

Target Audience

Customers, partners, employees, students, and/or anyone who has a desire to learn about network security


Cybersecurity Fundamentals

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