Your employees and contractors need protection from threats, no matter where they go.  Yet for many organizations, risk dramatically increases when users are off-premise, because the ability to stop an attack in the network disappears.

Remote use cases becomes even more complex when considering the effects of cloud and BYOD, which have dramatically changed the requirements for security.

Traditional VPN was not designed to accommodate today’s application mix and it is incapable of stopping modern threats. Organizations are looking for ways to move past the limitations of traditional VPN and regain the security needed to protect the growing population of remote users.



GlobalProtect™ extends the protection of the Palo Alto Networks next-generation security platform to users everywhere using a network of next-generation firewalls in the geographies where your users are located. GlobalProtect automatically establishes a tunnel to route traffic to a nearby next-generation firewall to maintain visibility in all traffic, whether accessing applications in the data center or in the cloud, without having to backhaul back to corporate headquarters. The security team maintains consistent visibility and enforcement of policy no matter where the user travels.

Deploy GlobalProtect as a service (using GlobalProtect cloud service), on your network or cloud infrastructure, or on a combination of both. Each option provides the same protection using your security policies. GlobalProtect automatically selects the best option available for a given location.

For BYOD use cases, GlobalProtect integrates with Enterprise Mobility Management platforms to separate business apps, data and traffic from the personal side of the device providing Per-App VPN capability. The business content stays secure, while respecting the user’s privacy. In scenarios where installing an app is not an option, users can access cloud and data center applications with any browser using Clientless VPN.

Get next-generation protection for your mobile workforce by extending the platform with GlobalProtect.


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