Business doesn’t stop when users leave the office. Your users are always ready to work, no matter where they go.

However, when users leave the office, the threats they face do not disappear; but for many organizations, the protection does. That’s because, once users are off network, their traffic is not inspected and security policies are not enforced. This creates a blind spot for the security team and exposes both the organization and its users to the risk of cyberattack, credential theft and data loss.

In the past, organizations provided only rudimentary measures to protect the user who is on the road, such as traditional antivirus software, host firewall or a VPN client. These approaches are ineffective against modern cyberattacks, which leaves the user with little to no ability to stop a highly targeted attack. Once compromised, the user eventually returns to the corporate environment with an infected endpoint, thus providing the means for an intruder to coordinate lateral movement inside the organization for further damage.


GlobalProtect™ mobile security service from Palo Alto Networks® extends the protection of the platform to users everywhere. The security team maintains visibility and control of application traffic even when the user is traveling, thereby establishing consistent enforcement of security policy at all times.

GlobalProtect automatically establishes a connection to a next-generation firewall operating as an internet gateway for the full enforcement of security policy. Organizations can use any combination of physical or virtualized firewalls, whether on premise or in the private cloud, and GlobalProtect will dynamically select the one that provides the best performance for a given location.

In addition, GlobalProtect provides user information and host information that can be used with security policies in the next-generation firewall, providing fine-grained access controls that clearly define the users and devices that are allowed to access a particular application.

This solution helps organizations address a number of security concerns that the mobile workforce faces, including:

  • Internet Threats – With GlobalProtect, the mobile workforce benefits with protection from the power of the platform. Stop threats known and unknown with the WildFire™ cloud-based malware analysis, Threat Prevention, and URL Filtering services.

  • SaaS Threats – Inspection of traffic is a critical requirement for securing access, controlling data movement, and stopping threats hosted in SaaS applications. By using GlobalProtect, organizations can ensure that the right users and devices get access to sanctioned apps. Unsanctioned apps and unauthorized access is not permitted, thus providing greater control over the movement of data in cloud environments.

  • Credential Threats – Credential theft is a multistage process that starts with the theft of credentials and escalates to the unauthorized use of credentials with applications. Tackle both sides of the issue with mobile security. GlobalProtect delivers the protection of the platform to block phishing sites and stop credential theft malware. In addition, GlobalProtect supports strong authentication to the Internet gateway for proof of identity before allowing access to any network resource or application.

Get next-generation protection for your mobile workforce by extending the platform with GlobalProtect.


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