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Incident Response Services

Facing a cybersecurity incident? We’re ready to help.

Our consultants respond quickly, investigate deeply, and eradicate threats so you can recover and get back to business.

Data breach response services

Unit 42 is your trusted advisor before, during and after a breach

Staying ahead of modern threats requires elite incident response services, including global response capability and constant innovation. Our consultants have unparalleled experience confronting the world’s most severe threats. We performed more than 1,000 investigations in 2020, helping clients eliminate threats and minimize damage.
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Three Unit 42 incident response professionals huddle around a large monitor reviewing data in a dimly lit workspace.
Incident Response Services
  • Ransomware investigation

    When your files and applications are inaccessible due to a ransomware attack, Unit 42 can step in to investigate and respond, so you can restore operations quickly.

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  • Unauthorized access to your email systems can wreak havoc. If your organization is a victim of business email compromise, Unit 42 can contain the breach, investigate and implement a strategic recovery plan.

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  • Responding to sophisticated attacks from well-resourced adversaries requires deep knowledge of attacker tactics, techniques and procedures. Our hands-on experience and advanced technology platform allow our experts to respond quickly at enterprise scale.

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Cybersecurity Expertise Retainer

When it comes to a data breach, time works against you. The speed of your response as well as the effectiveness of your tools and playbooks will determine how quickly you can recover. Extend your team’s capabilities by putting the world-class Unit 42 incident response team on speed dial.